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Mail Forum


From Henrique Manhão Jr., Concord, California - 10/19/03

Hi Horatio

Keep on with the good work. Thanks for the news. Please say Hi to Yvonne.


(Henrique Manhão is the current President of Casa de Macau (USA), Inc. – Ed.)


From Francis Carion, Walnut Creek, California - 10/21/03

Interesting web site, and obviously an opus of love and pride!  Kudos to you, Nuno da Cruz, and Ed Collaco!



From Sylvia Xavier, Washington D.C. October 22, 2003

Dear Horatio,

What a wonderful idea, and my parabens to all involved. I had a quick look at the website and will explore it in depth when I have more time, but I really like your presentation, and the table of contents sounds most impressive. Great choice of photos and fonts too.

Best wishes,



From Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses (APIM) , Macau– 10/23/03

Congratulations on the launching of your new site, which is very well designed with precious information regarding our community. We have seen it a couple of days ago as suggested by Nuno da Cruz. We have also put a link of your site to the also newly launched site of APIM. Please visit it at the address www.apim.org.mo

Best regards.

Sebastião da Rosa

Secretary General of the Encontro das

Comunidades Macaenses "Macau 2004"


From Isabel Sousa, “My Macau – Bel’s Home Page” – Macau - 10/24/03

Ola Horacio,

Muito obrigada pelo web site que me apresentou. Esta muito bem feito. Muitos parabens pela tua obra.



From Gerry de Pinna, Seattle, Washington 10/23/03

Thank you for referring the information about your website.  I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on to that website and found the wealth of information and the beautiful pictures contained therein.  In my opinion, and this is an opinion of a very immature net surfer (but also one who has surfed many times to look for news), I was very impressed with the design of your web site with its multiple links to various facets of your intended audience. Adios for now, best regards to Yvo and I look forward to your successful website.



From Projecto Memória Macaense, São Paulo, Brasil – 10/27/03

Caros conterrâneos da América,

Pelo site da APIM, vim saber do vosso e quero felicitá-los pela iniciativa que vem atender a comunidade macaense de língua inglesa, reforçando assim os vínculos entre os conterrâneos.

Isto é um estímulo para que tantas outras iniciativas sejam tomadas, mantendo acesa a chama do que representa a nossa gente Macaense, pois cabe a todos a tarefa de mantê-la sempre a iluminar a nossa comunidade, para que entre as dificuldades naturais de convívio, um dia, possam ser superadas para o interesse comum da maioria e o bem estar geral.

Abraços a todos e parabéns!

Rogério dos Passos Dias da Luz

Projecto Memória Macaense



From Maria Sena, General Secretary, Luso-American Education Foundation, Dublin, California – 10/28/03

Hi Eduardo

It was great hearing from you.  I hope you and the family are doing well.  Checked out the website...it looks great!!

Congratulations and keep up the great work



From The Hon. Mario Machado, Los Angeles, California 10/28/03

Congratulations Horace on your tireless efforts in promoting the legacy and contributions of 'filo macaus' worldwide.  Their stories if not  recorded and documented will be sadly lost forever.

What you are doing is most relevant as it allows several thousand 'filo macau' families scattered worldwide to identify and strengthen their ancestral ties and allow these families and their friends to be more aware of what took place during this historical period and what it was to be filo macau.

Again congratulations.  Please also convey my thanks and regards to your wife Yvonne on her elegant and well researched piece on Thelma Pereira, my cousin, and her efforts to keep the younger members of our  community entertained and busy during the days of WWII

The Hon. Mario J. Machado


From Frederic A. “Jim” Silva, San Francisco, California 10/29/03

Dear Horace,

I hit on your website today and see that it is well and truly launched. Well done. It could be an avenue to publicise and promote community affairs.

I hope it succeeds and that it will be another avenue towards making us more aware of community current events as well as aware of our heritage.

The advantage of your website is that there could be a wider dissemination of news and views and also have the immediacy of internet information and eliminate the 2 and 3 month inevitable delay in getting bulletin information.

Best wishes,
Jim Silva

(Jim Silva is a Past State Board President of UMA and Author of "All our Yesterdays..." and "Things I Remember."  He was also the Editor of the UMA News Bulletin for many years. – Ed.)


From Gloria Anok, Casa de Macau no Canada, Toronto, Canada 10/29/03

Here you go, Horace [submitting newspaper article],

BTW, I love the clean lines of your Site - many are too cluttered and busy - hopefully, you will keep it growing - MAYBE EVEN HAVING ALL THE FM NEWS UNDER "ONE UMBRELLA" - me thinks you are the perfect one to do it.  Right now I think it’s a pity that FM news is so scattered.

If you wish, I will forward you articles of interest - don't use if you don't want them.   Let me know?



(Gloria Anok is the Editor of Casa de Macau no Toronto’s Newsletter – Ed.)


From Fernando Ribeiro, Canberra, Australia 10/30/03

Dear Nuno,

First of all, my warmest congratulations, albeit belated, on the creation and launching of the excellent and much needed website – A DIASPORA MACAENSE NA AMERICA.

Many a times I have wondered what would happen to the future generations of Macanese who will no doubt, with the passage of time, lose their wonderful culture and tradition.  Well, the creation of the website and what its intentions and purposes are will go a long way towards solving this very big problem.

I think the whole concept of the website is simply brilliant and so I wish to take this opportunity to extend my felicitations to the trio of romanticists for their wonderful idea of creating it.  I am sure it will [be] a most successful venture and I sincerely hope that there may be more romanticists around who will follow in your footsteps.

At this point in time I can’t think of anything that could be added to the website.  The website, as it is, has covered all the pertinent issues.

Please convey this short note of mine to the webmaster, Mr. H. Ozorio, who I had the pleasure of meeting during the 2nd Encontro in Macau.

Fondest regards and, once again, congratulations.


(Fernando Ribeiro is a former Portuguese Vice-Consul General in Hong Kong – Ed.)


From ATFPM, Macau – 10/30/03

ATFPM, the biggest and the most representative association of the civil servants in Macau, congratulates you for the launching of a Web Site and hopes that it will serve the interests of the Macanese community all over the world.

Atfpm has also a web site at one's disposal and would like to propose a link between our sites.

The address of our website is:


Thank you for your message.


From Rodrigo de Souza, San Francisco, California 10/30/03


I had some time to look through http://www.diasporamacaense.org today. I found it very good and interesting! The very idea of a Macanese Cultural Center name, instead of the three original names (UMA, Lusitano and Casa de Macau) sounds good. I sure hope we all will someday soon, in the near future, agree on  that.


(Rodrigo de Souza is a Past President of UMA San Francisco Chapter - Ed.)


From Macau Government Tourist Office, Macau – 10/30/03

Congratulations on a very well done website!  Although I have not had time to explore thoroughly, the look is great and the initial opening page is very warm and touching--much like the Macau I know and love.

If I can be of any assistance to you as the North American Representative for the Macau Government Tourist Office, please let me know.  Some of your members are on my Macau Travel Talk mailing list which will now be printed every other month. And, if you don't mind, I would like to add you to my email list to receive press releases or items of interest on Macau, some of these may be of interest to your website viewers, of course they usually revolve around some bit of tourist news or information.  I am attaching one that was sent out last week on the 50th Anniversary of the Grand Prix.

Anyway, best of luck in this new endeavor and do let me know if I can assist in any way.

João Antunes


From Jorge & Raquel Remedios, Hillsborough, California - 11/1/03

Dear Horatio:
Congratulations on the launching of your diasporamacaense.org website.  It is neat, uncluttered, informative, and -- thank the Lord -- free of pop-ups. Well done.
Our fondest good wishes to you and Yvo,
Jorge & Raquel

(Jorge Remedios is the Immediate Past Editor of the UMA News Bulletin.  Raquel Remedios is currently a Director of the San Mateo Chapter of UMA - Ed.)


From Vivienne & Frank Correa, Melbourne, Australia - 11/3/03

G'day Horace,

What a splendid idea of setting up a new Web Site. The concept is

excellent. I have passed around for any comments from my Aussie friends.

Please say Hi ! to Yvonne. All the best.

Cheers, Frank


From Philip Ozorio, Past President, Lusitano Club of California - 11-5-03

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the persons involved in their effort in creating the “Diaspora Macaense.” I understand all the hard work that is needed behind the scenes to get this project off the ground and operating. I look forward to viewing the fruits of your labor and the upcoming success of the website.

I understand that this would be truly informative media center of Macaense newsgathering information from throughout the world, with news from all the Casas, Macau, Portugal, as well as from other groups.

Philip Ozorio
Past President
Lusitano Club of California, 2000.


From Cynthia Joel, Brighton, England 11/6/03

At last I've been able to log on to www.diasporamacaense.org and was very impressed with this production of yours.  It is indeed an easy site to get around, and you sure have worked your socks off to get this off the ground.  

I assume the opening pictures are of Macau?  You know, I never ever returned there after the war, so my impressions of this country are still of low-rises, the wide sweep of Praia Grande, and of St Paul's ruins.
Well done.


From Daniel Souza, New York City, NY USA - 11/7/03

Dear Gentlemen:

I was just alerted to your site by a dear Filomac friend  in Toronto. What a well written,  eloquent and aesthetically attractive site -- congratulations! I also like the tone and style of your approach -- inclusive, genuine, even sentimental. I, for one, will be a frequent visitor!
Daniel Souza
New York City


From Merlinde d’Assumpção Brown, Roseville, California 11/12/03


Your “diasporamacaense.org” Website is commendable.  It facilitates the dissemination of current news and incorporates meaningful historical data.  Your dedication and expertise will contribute to the enrichment of the Macaense experience.  Congratulations!


(Merlinde Brown is a Past President of Lusitano Club of California - Ed.)


From Oscar Collaço, San Francisco, California 11/12/03

Hi Horace,

What a splendid invention to put together a website. You and your fellow contributors have made our world smaller for the dissemination and circulation of instant news to our community near and far by just a touch of a button and a few clicks.

I commend and salute your collective efforts and wish you all the success in helping each one of us to keep abreast of local and global news for the benefit of mutual friends everywhere.

With this new vehicle of electronic communication, our Newsletters will be very behind time. My congratulations on bringing us well into the 21st century.

My warmest regards to you and Yvo.


(Oscar Collaço served as State Board Treasurer of UMA for many years - Ed.)


From PALCUS – Portuguese American Leadership Council of the United States, Inc., Washington DC 11/13/03

Mr. Eduardo Collaco:

I hope this message finds you well.

I reviewed your website and it is an excellent informational resource for the community in the United States. Many kudos on putting together such a great site!

I have placed several links to your website on the PALCUS site, all in the Network Links Library: http://www.palcus.org/network/lib.html

We will also include a link to your site in the next Electronic Newsletter to go out.

Thanks for sharing the site.

Hope you are well,

Warmest Regards,

Jason T. Moreira, Assistant Director


From Sylvia de Souza, Rohnert Park, California 11/14/03

Hi Horace,

I went into your Web Site.  It is very interesting.  Haven't accessed all the subjects yet.  Congratulations to you three!



From Rod de Souza, San Francisco, California - 11/22/03


I am really enjoying your stories about your early days in San Francisco. Your "Adjusting to Cultural Shock" hit home for so many of us I am certain. I can laugh now after having lived in San Francisco for 46 years (I left home in May 2, 1957). Everything that you recounted, happened to us in so many ways. How true. Now it all seemed so humorous, but, God knows what went through our sheepish minds then.

Thanks to you Horace, Nuno da Cruz and Ed Collaço, I am enjoying the website A Diaspora Macaense na America and do visit it often.



From Julie Regenbogen, Eppertshausen, Germany 11/28/03

Dear Horace,

I have just clicked on your website and must say I find it not only extremely interesting, but essential. 

Being a fellow filha de Macau I enjoyed the Encontro several years back, where I met you and Yvonne after many years.  It was also great to meet up with so many others, most of whom I knew back in Hong Kong days.

Having left the Colony in 1962 for Germany, I appreciate and enjoy anything informative about us, as we are dying out, whether we admit it or not. Whenever there is a Maryknoll reunion, I enjoy the company of all former filhos de Macau and we exchange news and catch up.

I think you're doing a great job in writing about us and our past. It is not easy for me to get information, so I will certainly look into your website and recommend it to my friends.  Keep up the good work and all the best of luck in the future.

Julie Regenbogen (nee de Sousa)

Eppertshausen,  Germany


From Gertrude Tetreault, Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada 11/29/03

Hello Horatio,

My brother Rod de Souza forwarded the excellent website to me and I must congratulate you and your colleagues for the enlightenment of my background that has always dumbfounded me when asked...."What is your origin?"

After immigrating to Canada thirty years ago, I am proud to say that I am a Canadian, but prouder still of my rich cultural background.  You have provided the means for me to explain not only to my children, but to friends and acquaintances 'who' I am.  I am proud to be a mix of so many cultures.  A lot of work has been put into creating this website and I thank you for your efforts.

The articles are very interesting.  I may be able to contribute some of my own experiences in the future.

I will continue to access the website and recommend it to friends.



Gertrude (Tina) de Souza Tetreault


From Adalino Cabral – PORTINGLES@AOL.com, Boston, MA 11/30/03


Thanks for responding. I belong to the American Legion, Portugal Post. Enjoyed visiting the page on A Diaspora Macaense na America. Your sacrifices now will benefit future generations. Keep the fire going, my friends! Sempre p'ra frente!

Adalino Cabral



From Ann Marie S. Matias, Madeira, Portugal Nov 30, 2003

Dear Mr. Ozorio:

Thank you for your kind words about my web site.  I certainly have visited yours and find it very interesting.  We can keep alive the flame dispersed all over the world of our Portuguese heritage.  It does not matter the way we do it, as long as we do it.

All the best for you and your site.

Ann Marie

(Ann Marie’s web site is beautiful.  Visit it at http://www.geocities.com/portaldasaudade/index.htm- Ed.)


From Dina (da Conceição) Burt, Palmyra, Pennsylvania, USA 12-11-03

Hi Horacio,

Thanks for taking the time to forward the website to me.  I spent some time looking it over, and found it very interesting, informative and easy to navigate.

I think it is a wonderful idea and concept that you and your co-sponsors have come up with, and hope you keep up the good work and enthusiasm.  

Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo.



From Fausto Manhão, Macau – Dec 19, 2003

Dear Mr Horácio Ozório:

Thank you for your e-mail announcing the launching of the Web Site dedicated to the Macaense da Diáspora in USA.

May I congratulate you and all the members of your team for the important task you've decided to undertake.  God Bless You All.

Macau and the Macaenses do not deserve to be left forgotten in the dustbin of History!

I will certainly visit your website and I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Fausto Manhão,  4th son of Jofre do Rosário Manhão and Alice Teresa Manhão


From Daniel Gomes, Concord, California Dec 22, 2003

Thanks for providing me with the name of your website.  You have done an excellent job of creating an uncluttered website, easy to read and enjoyable to surf.

My son has advocated such a website (a virtual clubhouse) in the past as the Macanese community is spread throughout the world.  I commend you for taking the bull by the horns and moving forward with this excellent project.  As webmaster, please keep this website current and useful to the community. I have forwarded your website to all my children and I hope they will contact you through your website.   I hope UMA will support you in your endeavor.


Daniel Gomes

(Daniel Gomes is a Past President of UMA, San Mateo Chapter - Ed.)


From Sister Carole Pesce, SHF, St. Anne’s Church, Walnut Creek, California Jan 2, 2004

Hello Horace,

A happy New Year to you and to Yvonne!  I trust that your Christmas was a wonderful event in celebrating faith, the love of God and of family and being with good friends.  The raising of your voice in song must have added to the excitement!

I have just reviewed your Diaspora Macaense web site.  It is wonderful!  I found it to be very inviting, beautiful photos, good writing skills to interest the readers, full of news and information items and a real delight for someone (like me) who does not know all that much about the Macaense Diaspora.  Congratulations.

I was delighted to read about participation at St. Anne’s Church in both liturgical ministry and pastoral support.  Also, the information about Bishop Vigneron’s visit.

As you continue to develop the continuity of the Macanese Diaspora, I will pray that the younger parents and their children who are so computer literate, begin sending you items and photos that do reinforce the wonderful values passed on to you and your generation.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  See you Sunday…Greeter’s Weekend.

Sister Carole


From Veronica Collaço, San Jose, California Jan 7, 2004

Dear Horacio,

Thank you for creating the new Macaenese website (
http://www.diasporamacaense.org/).  My sister, Aurea Collaço Meyer, from Canada introduced me to your website.

I was born in Macau in 1961 but left before I learned to walk.  I hope to return for a visit soon.  Thank you again for helping me stay in touch with my roots.

Veronica Collaço Stewart


From Harald Bruning, Macau – Jan 6, 2004

Caros amigos,

Muito obrigado pela vossa mensagem - e parabens pelo lancamento da vossa pagina electronica!

Desejos de um Bom Ano Novo!

Harald Bruning

Correspondente do South China Morning Post e da agencia Reuters em Macau


From Luis Machado, Macau – Jan 8, 2004

Dear Macaenses da Diáspora, Horácio, Nuno, and Eduardo,

Thank you very much for this new web page!  We share your spirit and look forward to reach the same goals for the survival of this community.  I hope the younger generations of "Macau Filos" also understand and agree with us and join you and all of us in this pursuit.

We are starting the rehearsals for a new récita in Patoá of Miguel Senna Fernandes for representation in March and also in November for the Encontro!  We all look forward to see you around at the new Encontro.

All the best regards to you

Luis Machado


From Alberto Dias, Macau – Jan 9, 2004

Mr. Ozorio

Thank you so much, is so good to find macaense web-site. Qui bom. Parabens. Vosotro ui di capaz!

Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you who I'm. Eu san filo de Macau. Ja nasce em Junho de 1964 em Macau. Neto de Caetano João Gracias e Elvira Maria Gomes Gracias.  Eu sa pai e eu sa mai - san - Alberto Onofre Dias e Maria Fátima Gomes Gracias Dias.

I come ones in 1994 to USA - San Francisco to pay that time UMA and the other Casas de Macau visit and that we show you small and funny comedy that I don't know you was there or not!

Now a day I'm turning a bit old (40 years) this year. So my brain can't put more things inside. So I stop already to play - Doci Papiaçam.

So now, I'm still help macaense people, now I'm in Associação dos Macaenses. Our Sede is in Rua do Campo. Is quite nice place. We just renew the place with help of Fundação de Macau and Dr. Edmund Ho our Chief Executive. Well we have a place for our monthly meeting and party where the our members have their birthday parties. Also we have three rooms for rent.

If anyone want to stay just write to me, I can arrange for them. I'll try my best to make their stay is the best or better than the last time.

Is too much for today. I hope that this year Encontro we can meet here. My best regards to you and your love ones. Bye.

Sincerely yours:

Alberto Dias

P.S. I forgot to tell you my contact is: betinhodias@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have nice weekend.


From David and Natalia Mason, England Jan 10, 2004

Thank you for the chance to say that i read your web pages weekly.I am English and I live in England with my Macaense/British wife of 44 years.  I fell in love with Macau in early 1957 and  in one particular  Macaense family who adopted me into thier hearts, I understand your mission and  I hope  for the survival of the Macaense  world wide . I dont have a Casa de Macau in England but we look forwards to Encontro 2004 in Macau to once again visiting Family and friends  thank you 

David Mason & Natalia (GOMES) Mason    

P.S do you have encontro dates available yet ??


From Maria Roliz, San Francisco, California Jan 23, 2004

Dear Horace:

Congratulations on your website. I believe it is currently one of the best Macanese website on line. I have checked it out several times since its inception these past few months and find it quite informative.

It definitely pays when you have the time to keep it constantly updated.  With so many people young and old surfing the internet I believe a good website is essential for us to keep abreast of our community events.

I am currently running for President of the Lusitano Club for 2004. If I do get elected, I think it will be an excellent idea if we could link our site to yours once ours is updated.

Keep up with the good work.


Maria Roliz

(Maria Roliz is a Past President of Lusitano Club of California - Ed.)


From Dick Chaves, Hawaii Jan 24, 2004





From Deborah Espina, California Jan 26, 2004

Hi Nuno and Horatio,

The website looks nice, but I noticed that some of the articles have no byline.  I have concern that some may consider it unprofessional and may criticize that fact.  I only point this out because I can tell that you all have worked hard on the website, and don’t wish for any portion of it to be called amateur or unprofessional.  Otherwise, great job!

Deborah Espina


From João R. Martins, Ramsey, New Jersey Feb 24, 2004

Warmest congratulations on your outstanding site "A Diaspora Macaense na America"

The other day I saw on "Macau Magazine" an article from Jorge Remedios where he mentioned that he attended the Instituto Salesiano D. Bosco at the same time as I did!

I truly appreciate if you kindly could forward him my Email address as I will be delighted to exchange memories and unique experiences lived in Macau!

Many thanks for your kind assistance

Joao R. Martins

Ramsey, NJ, USA


From Irene Manhão Basílio, Macau – Mar 25, 2004

Dear Horácio,

Please forgive the tardy reply, but I just got back, after a few months absence.

Thank you for informing me about the site “Diáspora Macaense”, which I have already visited briefly and intend to return to soon.  Congratulations to all involved – keep up the good work.

I studied at Escola Comercial, class of 1961.  I know that some of my old school mates live in USA, so I take this opportunity to say “Hi, and wish them all the best. It would be nice if more photos are published at the site, to bring back memories of those days, especially of the school parties, where we danced at the sound of music played by the colleagues.

Irene Manhão Basílio


From Gaby Sarrazolla, Huntington Beach, California Apr 4, 2004

Hi there,

Thanks for including me in this email.  Went to the site and it's marvelous.  Great job!

Hope you are having a great weekend.



From António Ng Kuok Cheong, Macau – Apr 10, 2004

To Nuno Prata da Cruz

Congratulations on this nice website, and best regards

António Ng Kuok Cheong (Deputy of Assembleia Legislativa RAE de Macau)


From Delano Pereira, Cerritos, California – Apr 18, 2004

Thanks, Horace.  Please allow me to compliment you on your fine job with the Diaspora Macaense.  Kudos go to you for being the first American group to create the first website. Our tiny Southern California Chapter of UMA was the first to come out with a modest "static" website over 15 months ago (through the efforts of Dorinda Banken and her friend Dan), but not as elaborate and with embedded links as yours. It took hard work to create the www.diasporamacaense.org.

You, Ed and Nuno merit a resounding BRAVO.

Beijinhos to Yvonne.


(Delano Pereira is a Past State Board President of UMA and a Past President of the Southern California Chapter of UMA - Ed.)


From Dorinda Banken, Brea, California Apr 20, 2004

Hi Horace,

Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your Website.  It is very good and lots of information.  I enjoyed it.

Dorinda Banken

(Dorinda Banken is the current Treasurer of the Southern California Chapter of UMA – Ed.)


From Dr. José Pereira Coutinho, Macau – May 12, 2004

NUNO, great website, really incredible achievement. Must continue.


(jpc is Dr. José Pereira Coutinho, President of the Associação dos Trabalhadores da Função Pública de Macau.  He is also Representative for Macau in the Portuguese Overseas Congress in Lisbon, Portugal [Conselho das Comunidades Portuguesas] – Ed.)


From José M. Amarante Ferreira, Macau – May 18, 2004


Muito parabens.

Fiquei muito contente de ter recebido a sua mensagem e parabens pelo lançamento do website.  

Espero de ver-te no encontro em Macau e manda os meus cumprimentos ao Nuno.

José M. Amarante Ferreira ( Jojo )


From Rita Lopes, San Francisco, CaliforniaJune 4, 2004

Ola! Horácio,

Henrique Manhão called me this morning about the website and I had the opportunity to take a glimpse at the myriad of articles and letters.  Thanks for including the articles that I wrote on your website.  I must say you have done an excellent job with your expertise and also with the support of Nuno and Eduardo.

Muito obrigado e um grande abraço.

Rita Lopes

(Rita Lopes is a former Secretary of Casa de Macau USA - Ed.)


From Gilberto Quevedo da Silva, São Paulo, Brazil June 14, 2004

Amigo Nuno,

Muito obrigado pelo envio do magnífico trabalho. Estou retransmitindo aos nossos conterrâneos para a sua divulgação. Parabens.

Sempre à disposição/Gilberto

(Gilberto Quevedo da Silva was the 2002-2003 President of Casa de Macau, São Paulo, Brazil. – Ed.)


From Alberta Cunha, Lisbon, Portugal Sep 1, 2004

Dear Horatio

Thanks for including me in your mailing list regarding the Macau site; it was a brilliant idea and I will surely refer to it many times. Will I see you at the Encontro? Love to all at home



From Sandra Marinho de Bastos, Macau – Sep 22, 2004

Dear Mr. Ozorio,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have told everyone I know about your wonderful website, full of interesting information about the history of Macao and the Macanese people.

I do remember my mom using chouriço and pine nuts in the mixture of capela, and covering it with strips of bacon. Is it a variation of the recipe?

I really love your site and will be checking it out constantly. 

Again, I thank you for having helped me out.

Best regards,

Sandra Marinho de Bastos


From Rogério dos Passos Dias da Luz, São Paulo, Brasil - Nov 9, 2004

Caro Nuno,

Agradeço o email sobre o 1° aniversário do vosso site, e aqui quero vos felicitar pelo excelente trabalho que estão a desenvolver.

Vocês preenchem a lacuna de informações via Internet para a enorme comunidade macaense de língua inglesa.  O trabalho que têm em traduzir as notícias para o inglês, só vem a demonstrar a grande dedicação que têm para a comunidade, o que é correspondida pelas invejáveis 25.000 visitas em 1 ano.

Que bom ver a dedicação ser reconhecida.  Que continuem com este excelente trabalho, conduzido sempre com bom senso.  Que comemorem etc e etc de aniversários para o bem da comunidade macaense.

Parabéns à Diáspora Macaense na América, a você, ao Horácio e ao Eduardo.


Rogério dos Passos Dias da Luz


From Gloria Soares Anok, Toronto, Canada – Nov 13, 2004

A very Happy 1st Anniversary to you, Horace.  Thank you for all the hard work, your well written text, accurate reporting, and the list goes on.  I so enjoy visiting your website and will continue to do so now that I've retired and have the time.   It brings back glorious memories of my heung-ha, and friends.  Many thanks. 


(Gloria Soares Anok is the newly elected 1st Vice President of Casa de Macau no Canadá, Toronto. – Ed.)


From Geraldine da Luz, San Francisco, CA - Dec 29, 2004

Thanks for letting us know about the Grubstake restaurant in San Francisco.  Found a couple of other Portuguese restaurants in the Bay Area.  LaSalette Restaurant at 452 First Street in Sonoma (their website:  http://www.lasalette-restaurant.com/ ) and Sousa's at 1614 Alum Rock Road, San Jose (no website).  Hope you can add this to your website.

Geraldine da Luz


From Benita Colitti, Ventura, California –  Jan 30, 2005

Horace, I am so impressed!  Thank you for the link, it's great information especially for my kids.  I have a daughter-in-law who is particularly interested in our heritage.

Keep up the good work

Benita :-)

From Yvonne Herrero, Australia - Feb 17, 2005

Dear Horatio & Nuno,

How are you ???  I had previously written to congratulate you on an excellent and informative site and to ask that you include our Casa in your links section.  I note that we are still not listed so I assume that you perhaps did not receive this communiqué.  Can you please acknowledge receipt of this email and add our site: www.casademacau.org.au   We have a long way to go with some areas ‘’under construction’”. Currently our webmaster is moving house and so it’s in real need of updating. Still we trust that noste gentes and others who lock on will find it useful.

Kind Regards,

Yvonne Herrero, President, Casa de Macau Inc., Australia


From Francis X. Remedios, Ph.D, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Mar 28, 2005

Dear Horatio,

Congratulations on your website. 

Yours truly,

Francis X. Remedios, Ph.D.
Son of H.F. Remedios

From Claudia Chan, San Jose, California July 5, 2005

Hi Mr. Ozorio,

I got your contact information from the Disapora Macaense na America web site that my friend emailed me.

I'm Chinese born in Macau but moved to the California in early 80s.  My friend is Portuguese born in Macau in 50s and moved to California in early 70s.   We haven't met too many Macanese here so we are excited to find things out from your site web.

If there is any future gathering of this Macanese org, would you please let us know when and where?   Muito obrigado.


From Dana Woods, San Francisco, California – Sept 1, 2005

Hi Horace,

Congratulations on your website---it is very impressive!  I especially like the prayer on your home page that you wrote for the soldiers.  I'm still reading through the various links--there is so much good information there.  It must have taken you some time create it!

Have a great day and weekend!


From Doreen Remedios, Toronto, Canada - Nov 17, 2005

Dear Horatio,

Thank you for providing us with such an informative and valuable website.

Your dedication is indeed the glue that binds all Filhomacs wherever they call home. On the world's stage, we as a people are but a drop, but your efforts make us seem like a waterfall.

Keep up the good work.


From Dante Ferry, Manila, Philippines - Feb 19, 2006


I compile these prayers in different languages and Papia is not yet represented: Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father and Apostles' Creed. Have these prayers been translated into Papia, and if so, how can I get the texts?

In the Philippines, we have several "Chabacano" creole languages and are also Spanish-Portuguese based. One group speaks Chabacano in Cavite City, just across the bay from Manila. I would appreciate any help regarding my inquiry.

Thank you very much. Dante Ferry, Manila, Philippines

Dear Mr. Ferry,

Many thanks for your email about prayers in the Papia language. I shall

make enquiries and get back to you.


Horatio Ozorio

(Anyone able and willing to oblige Mr. Ferry can reach him at danteferry@yahoo.com - Ed.)

Estimado Sr. Ozorio:

Di ispira con el manga oraciones na lenguaje Papia! - Muchisimas gracias! -

Dante Ferry

From João Botas, Portugal - April 16, 2006

Hi there!
I'm in Portugal but I lived in Macau between 1984 and 1990. I'm working on a site about Liceu de Macau.
Do you have any photos? Thanks
Best Regards

(Anyone able and willing to oblige Mr. Botas can reach him at jbotas@gmail.com - Ed.)


From Irene (Djao) Chu, Toronto, Canada – May 15, 2006

Congratulations, Horatio, for having launched such a wonderful website. You must have spent an inordinate amount of time on it. But I can assure you it is worth every bit of your effort.

I enjoyed going through all the sections. It is so well organized. Your article and that of Mr. Silva in the About Us section are especially well written. They made me want to go on to other sections, which I did. Quite a bit of content gives me much food for thoughts as they represent a perspective that I was not aware of. Being of Chinese back ground ( although there is a possibility I might be one of the descendants of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng) I tend to lump Portuguese, British and European people altogether during the 11 years I was in Hong Kong (I was born in Shanghai and went to HK at age 12). It is refreshing to read about the Macaense point of view.

It is also interesting to note that all the members of the Board for the Toronto chapter are female. Where have the men gone to?

The menu for the Portuguese restaurant looks appetizing. There are a few Portuguese stores in the Kensington Market in Toronto. I love their bread, their salt fish. But I guess the people who operate them are mostly from Portugal or the Azores.

Thanks for introducing me to your website. I’ll go there again as I could not read everything all at once.

Regards, Irene


From Edward Machado, South San Francisco, California – June 3, 2006


Having just discovered the website, thanks to you, I found the context and contents very interesting.

Allow me to add my congratulations for an insightful idea which, again thanks to you, has and will continue to benefit so many.

Best to you and Yvonne,


From Helena Goulartt d’Aquino Barcia, New York City – Dec 1, 2006

Dear Mr. Ozorio,

Thank you for contacting Alberta in Lisbon on my behalf.  It is good to know that we can still count on an email on a website for a prompt response.

I met up with Alberta while I was in Lisbon visiting with my daughter and her fiance and we shared a delightful Macau style dinner which brought back great memories of true Macau hospitality.  Again thank you.

While in Lisbon, I was able to purchase the 3 volume books published by Dr. Jorge Forjaz and was able to do some research at the Torre de Tombre on missing information on own family.  It was a great experience and one that I was able to include my daughter for the benefit of promoting my children's knowledge and love of their heritage.  And I completely agree with you that promoting our past history and legacy is very important. 

I now live in New York City but was born in India from Macanese parents who were living in India after Macau.  Thankfully my children and niece and nephew still remember much of their grandparents as well as grand uncles and aunts to significantly promote their knowledge and love of their past.


Helena Goulartt d'Aquino Barcia.

From Ileana Ward, Vacaville, California, USA - April 30, 2007

I truly appreciate receiving the above [website address].  It must have taken years of research, fact-finding and compilation to attain this historical masterpiece.  I have created my own file with the information you have provided and will digest it more thoroughly at my leisure. 
I assume the dates highlighted in red are publication dates?   There are many "versions" of our unique heritage but your website is by far the most comprehensive.  Keep up the good work!!!


From Remigio Barradas, Ottawa, Canada – May 16, 2008

Two questions sprang to mind when I accidentally discovered your website DIASPORA MACAENSE.ORG:

(1) Are you related to Dr. Ozorio and his brothers FRANCIS and BEANO. They were neighbours of mine during the war years in Macao.

The second enquiry : Do you know of any BARRADAS members in America - if so can you let me know --they may be my relatives whom I have not been in touch with for over 60+ years ago.

I obtained a ton of information from Diaspora Macaense, among which were two pieces of information:

(1) You were a student at St. LUIZ GONZAGA College in Macao during the war (so was I - I graduated Junior and Senior Matric in 1943 and 1944 respectively).

(2) In 1944 I was your father's student of Pitman's shorthand for 3 days ONLY (I found that writing "longhand" was faster than shorthand).

My brief study of shorthand was brought about by an offer to work as a LABORATORY ASSISTANT under Fr. J. P. McCarthy, S.J., M.A. (Oxon) - He was Chemist for Servicos Municipais de Electricidade (SME replaced MELCO). Together we worked in the basement of St. Luiz Gonzaga College, while hundreds of Macanese boys got their free education from five heroic Jesuit priests in the floors above.

Many thanks.

Remigio Barradas

Editor’s note: Family, friends, or former classmates wishing to respond to Remigio can reach him at rgbarradas@gmail.com.)

From P d'E, Pembroke, Canada - June 3, 2008

Deleted at the request of sender - purpose accomplished