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Homeland News  


Macaenses in Chinese New Year Parade 2008

A historic first for the Macanese diaspora in California took place when Instituto para os Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais (IACM) with the cooperation of Casa de Macau (USA) Inc., sponsored a float in the 2008 Chinese New Year Parade held in San Francisco on February 23.  Congratulations to Henrique J. Manhão, President, who took the initiative to make the necessary arrangements for his club’s participation, and to the club members for their enthusiastic support.  The Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses (APIM) and the Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses provided funding assistance. The rancho folclórico of Casa de Macau in the US, in cooperation with the (IACM) and members of the Confraria da Gastronomia Macaense also participated in the festivity, as well as in the allegorical trailer of the IACM used in the parade.  The folklorico costumes worn by the members of Casa de Macau were provided by the Associação de Danças e Cantares “Macau no Coração,” thanks to the efforts of the President, Ana Sou.

Almost 60 groups made up the parade.  Taking part were schools, marching bands, martial arts groups, cultural clubs, dance troupes, commercial banks, airlines, casinos, business entities, as well as groups related to the Miss China Town Queen contest.  A striking thing was the large number of school children participating in the parade, so much so that when the enthusiastic and high energy Yellow River Drummers appeared they looked out of place – they were all seniors.









The weatherman was unkind during the evening of the parade.  He subjected the celebrants to rain showers and cold, with just a few breaks in-between.  Clad like all the others in the parade in clear plastic rainwear, the Casa de Macau members could not show off their costumes.  But the weatherman could not dampen the spirits of the paraders or the huge crowds that thronged Union Square.  The parade was an unqualified success.

Macau got a nice introduction from television station KTVU which covered the parade.  It gave a short bio of Macau in the days when it was a small fishing village saying it was the first European settlement in South East China.  Perhaps an oversized poster of present day Macau would have provided a better image of the territory to the huge audience viewing the parade.  Following KTVU’s coverage, a second TV station broadcast the event again.  Excellent publicity for Macau.



Macaenses in Chinese New Year Parade!


Email from Henrique J. Manhão, President, Casa de Macau (USA) Inc.addressed to Macau Cultural Center, Lusitano Club of California and UMA

 Concord, February 10, 2008.

 Hi All

 I'm pleased and proud to inform that 14 members of Casa de Macau (USA) Inc, all dressed in Portuguese folklore costumes and in Confraria de Gastronomia Macaense together with members of the Macau Folklore Group will be participating in the Chinese New Year Parade which will take place in San Francisco on February 23, 2008, starting at 5.00PM.

There will be a Macau Float, sponsored by Instituto para Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais de Macau.

 It's an annual parade, organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco.





Portuguese Culture Celebrated

The Portuguese-American Community presents “Celebrating Our Portuguese Culture” in the 2008 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.

For the first time in the 119 year history of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, traditionally held on January 1 of each year, the Portuguese American community will have a float in the parade.  The theme of the parade is “Passport to the World Celebrations” while the theme of the float is “Celebrating our Portuguese Culture.”

Mr. Emeril Lagasse, the world famous chef, who is of Portuguese-American heritage, is the Grand Marshal of the 2008 parade.

44th of 104 floats in the order of the parade, the float is 47 feet in length.  João Rodrigues Cabrilho, the first European to explore the West Coast of the United States in 1542, stands at the front of the float.  A few feet behind him is a floral fountain representing the ocean and the waters of Portugal, the Azores, and Madeira. 

The main focus is a very large Holy Ghost Crown, on a pillow of fresh flowers. Five young ladies ride on the float, four representing Portuguese Heritage Celebrations.  The fifth rider is dressed in an authentic reproduction of the costume of Portugal’s Queen Isabella. 

At the rear of the float is a simple arch representing  Lisbon’s  Rua Augusta Arch. Along the sides and rising around the back of the float is a continuous scroll depicting ocean waves through which the Portuguese Explorers navigated in the” Golden Age of Discoveries” of Portugal.



August 2007 “Courtesy” Visit by APIM to North America

The Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses (APIM) met with the University of California, Berkeley, and reached an accord to renew the protocol which has linked the two institutions during the past three years.  The decision was taken during a meeting between the delegation from APIM and the Coordinator of the Portuguese Studies Program at the University, Deolinda Adão.

University of California, Berkeley, will continue to support the academic investigation relative to “Patua.”  For this purpose it will collaborate with the creation of a grammar for the Macanese dialect.

At the meeting, Deolinda Adão was also invited to participate in the forthcoming Encontro das Comunidades Macaenses taking place in Macau November 26 through December 2, 2007, which she accepted immediately.  Adão, who is associated with the Comissão de Sábios created in California for the promotion of the Macanese “patua,” agreed to give a talk on “patua” during the Encontro.

In the meeting with Deolinda Adão, Sebastião da Rosa, who led the APIM delegation, solicited also the collaboration of the specialist in the creation of a grammar for the Macanese “patua.”  She acceded to the request, undertaking to seek the assistance of Brazilian Milton de Azevedo, a linguistic specialist of the University, for the project.

Concluding the meeting, Deolinda Adão promised also to give her total support to the candidacy of the “patua” for admittance to the UNESCO program, Património Universal Intangível (Universal Intangible Heritage).

The APIM delegation, following a courtesy visit to Vancouver, Canada, covered various working sessions with the three California clubs, UMA (União Macaense Americana), Lusitano Club of California, and Casa de Macau USA, with whom it signed a protocol for the purpose of publicizing and promoting the Macanese “patua.”  The protocol also foresees the collaboration of the three clubs in the preparation of the candidacy of the Macanese dialect for admittance to the UNESCO heritage program.  The APIM delegation also visited the Macau Cultural Center in Fremont, currently undergoing refurbishing.

During its stay in California, the APIM delegation was received by the Mayor of the City of San Leandro, Anthony Santos, of Portuguese ancestry, who revealed the interest of its businessmen in establishing trading relations with China.  In this vein, it is being prepared, in October, to send a large delegation to visit the People’s Republic of China with the aim of “sprouting” San Leandro with Yeong Chun, in the province of Guangdong.  The delegation plans also to contact the local businessmen in Macau during its Far East trip.

(The foregoing was excerpted from a report by Journal Tribuna de Macau dated August 16, 2007. – Ed.)



AEMC Prepares for Macau International Fair

Promoting the commercial and technical interchange between the Special Administrative Region of Macau (RAEM) and California is one of the principal objectives of the Association of Macanese Businessmen in California (AEMC), without setting aside similar relations with continental China or with Portugal.  Members of the AEMC called on the Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco on August 8, 2006, an opportunity to discuss various topics of interest with the Consul General, António Alves de Carvalho.

At the meeting, which lasted more than an hour, the Consul General was briefed on the objectives of the AEMC.  He showed great interest in the possibility of the AEMC participating in the Macau International Fair which takes place between September 23 and 26 this year.  Representing the AEMC at the meeting were Nuno Prata da Cruz, President, Henrique Manhão, Vice President, and Rita Lopes, Secretary.

Showing that he was very knowledgeable on the historical presence of the Portuguese in the Far East, António Alves de Carvalho praised the role that the RAEM has assumed in the promotion of relations between Portugal and the People’s Republic of China, recalling that Macau was the first point of contact between the two countries.

The interest of the Portuguese Consulate in the 2006 Fair is explained also by its intention to expand the business of the Portuguese community present in the State of California where there are actually a million Portuguese who render excellent service to the State’s economy in their role as executives, business chiefs, and professionals in the area of technology, agriculture and commerce, which scenario is repeated in other states, as in the example of a Portuguese citizen in the State of Idaho where for many years at least and presently he is the owner of 45,000 head of cattle.

The creation of the business structure endeavors to serve as the link connecting Macau and businesses in California which might be interested in participating in international fairs, seminars or commercial conferences in the RAEM, and could even come to function as a delegation of the Macau Trade & Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) in the United States of America.

(Free translation of an article dated August 14, 2006 in Jornal Tribuna de Macau. – Ed.)


Dia de Portugal 2006 Festival Celebrated

As usual Dia de Portugal was an occasion for fun and gaity.  Held at Kelley Park in San Jose, California, on June 10, 2006, the Macaense community was represented by Lusitano Club of California and Casa de Macau USA, and for the first time, by the Associação dos Empresários Macaenses da California which performs the functions of a chamber of commerce for Macau.

For the twelfth year in a row Lusitano Club of California conducted a food booth, this year offering a choice of Costeleta no Pão, Galinha à moda Macau, Repolho à moda Yvonne, Lacassa, and Bebinga.  The Casa de Macau USA booth served up a variety of Portuguese desserts.

Disappointingly, the oldest and largest Macanese club in California, the União Macaense Americana (UMA) did not participate.

To view photos taken at the Dia de Portugal 2006 Festival, click on the thumbnail pictures shown in the Photo Gallery below.




6th Anniversary of RAEM to be Celebrated in California

To mark the 6th Anniversary of the coming into being of the RAEM (Special Administrative Region of Macau) Nuno Prata da Cruz, President of the newly formed association of Macanese businessmen in California - Associação dos Empresários Macaenses da Califórnia (AEMC) - advises that it will hold a Chinese dinner on April 8, 2006, in Oakland, California.  The dinner is graciously subsidized in part by José Manuel Rodrigues, President of APIM and of the Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses.  The Macanese community is welcome to attend but attendance will be limited to the first 120 to sign up.  The cost per person is $9.50 and checks should be sent to Henrique Manhão, Vice President of the AEMC.



A “Bridge” Between RAEM and California

The Associação dos Empresários Macaenses da Califórnia (AEMC) has now been formally constituted in the United States and registered officially in Sacramento, the capital city of California, after having completed the respective formalities of a legal process conducted by lawyer Laura Basaloco Lapo, a cousin of the former parish priest of Saint Anthony’s Church in Macau, the late Father Manuel Pinto Basaloco.

The new association, which was represented by Vice President Henrique Manhão in the 10th Edition of the International Festival of Macau which took place in the Centro de Convenções e Entretenimento da Torre de Macau on the 20th and 23rd of October, 2005 – aspires to serve as the connecting link between Macau and business enterprises in California which might be interested in participating in international fairs, seminars or commercial conferences in the Special Administrative Region of Macau (RAEM), and might even function as a delegation of the Instituto de Promoção do Comércio e Investimento de Macau (IPIM) in the United States.

Henrique Manhão emphasized yesterday to Jornal Tribuna de Macau (JTM) that the association adopted as its principal mission the “promotion of good relations between the commercial community of Macau and that of the State of California,” though its management believes that its activities might prove to be equally useful to the Portuguese-speaking countries.

Chaired by Nuno Prata da Cruz, who is a member of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in San Jose [California], the AEMC has prepared itself to initiate official contacts with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, having in mind the establishment of future bases of cooperation between the two institutions.

In California, it hopes also that the constitution of this association represents a first step towards the establishment of a Chamber of Commerce in which North American and RAEM businessmen will get together.

New Mission.  With the creation of a business structure, the result of an initiative by José Manuel de Oliveira Rodrigues, President of the Associação Promotora para a Instrução dos Macaenses (APIM) and of Conselho Permanente do Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses, the Macaense associations headquartered in California will endeavor to assume a mission that is more expansive, not functioning only as essentially cultural or social clubs, but to serve also as a “bridge” between Macau and the United States, namely, in the realm of commerce, industry and technology.

In his previous statements to JTM, Henrique Manhão had stressed that Macaense businessmen seek to take advantage of American computer technology, one of the most advanced in the world, which is concentrated in the mythical “Silicon Valley” – birthplace of two information technology revolutions – which is located in Northern California, near the city of San Francisco.

According to statistical data, the State of California is among the ten largest economies in the world, on a level with France.  The milk industry in California in large part is in the hands of Luso-Americans.  They also dominate in the plantation of vineyards and orchards and in cattle raising, which Henrique Manhão perceives as factors which can arouse the interest of the Lusofono business world.

In addition to requisite statutary arrangements, the association defined its purpose as bringing together businessmen of Macau in California in order to generate greater commercial interaction, to market the products of Macau in California, to support and protect the interests and aspirations of the members in commercial intercourse with Federal, State, Municipal and other governmental and non-governmental bodies, and to promote activities directly or indirectly related to the development of business by entrepreneurs of Macau in California.

Furthermore, the AEMC will endeavor to “facilitate, stimulate and orientate, directly or through agreements, the efforts of members in the commercialization and marketing of their products in California,” “conduct studies, promote courses, seminars and conferences as necessary to attend to the needs of its members,” and organize conferences and other types of events considered of interest in the prosecution of its objectives.

The offices of the AEMC will be located in the Macau Cultural Center building in the city of Fremont, California.

(The foregoing is a free translation of an article appearing in Jornal Tribuna de Macau dated March 14, 2006 - Ed)



Macau Government Tourist Office USA:


Macau Week in Las Vegas

August 8th – 14th, 2005
Experience the fascinating worlds of Macau during Macau Week in Las Vegas!

The Macau Government will be celebrating Macau Week in Las Vegas August 8 – 14, 2005.  Macau, a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is known for its diverse culture and history and is quickly becoming known as the entertainment capital of Asia. Macau Week will host a variety of traditional events and activities that will help showcase Macau’s extraordinary cultures to America.  From traditional dance and musical performances to unique Macanese art and photo exhibits, travelers to Las Vegas will truly experience what it is like to be a guest in Macau.  The events will take place at four of Las Vegas’s premiere locations: Fashion Show Mall, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Wynn Las Vegas and MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  
Fashion Show Mall will feature daily performances and exhibits.  Throughout the week during mall hours, visitors will be able to peer through the eyes of photographers in an extraordinary photographic journey titled 24 Hours in Macau.  This photo collection depicts the extraordinary world of an ordinary day in Macau, detailing the city's thriving tourism and gambling and illustrating the cultural communication of China with the western world for over 400 years.  Visitors can also stroll through Macau’s fascinating history and come face to face with a replica of the exotic A-Ma Temple on the UNESCO Walkway of Heritage, located on the Fashion Show Mall’s Plaza on Las Vegas Boulevard.  Each evening, at 7:30pm and 9:00pm, this exhibit becomes the stage for performances of Chinese Dragon and Lion Dances, Portuguese Folk Dancing and authentic sounds from a live Macanese Lotus Band.  Mall visitors can also enter to win a vacation to Macau, including two roundtrip tickets to Hong Kong courtesy of Cathay Pacific, ferry transfers to Macau and five nights accommodation.    
The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino will present a modern art works collection in the Colonnade adjacent to the Guggenheim Museum from August 9 – 14, 2005.  The XXI Collective Exhibition of Macau Artists is comprised of 53 original works from the finest local Macanese artists and displays their unique award-winning visions in traditional calligraphy, painting and contemporary media.  
On Friday, August 12th at 8:00pm in the Margaux Room, The Wynn Resort will host a very special private performance of the Macanese virtuoso pianists, brothers Kuok-Man Lio and Lio Kuok-Wai.  Tickets for the event are available at www.macauweek.com.  
The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino will host a photo exhibit featuring images of events and festivals in Macau, such as the traditional A-Ma Festival, the Macau Arts Festival, the International Fireworks Festival, the spectacular Macau Grand Prix and, of course, the popular Chinese New Year.   View these enthusiastic celebrations and many more throughout the week at Studio Walk MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  
Experience the wonderful flavors that are typical of Macau as three of Las Vegas’s finest restaurants prepare unique Macanese inspired dishes.  Blending Chinese and Portuguese influences, Royal Star Restaurant at The Venetian, Wynn’s Terrace Point Café and Pearl Restaurant at MGM Grand will promote special Macanese inspired menus throughout the week. Diners will be able to experience Macau’s exquisite delicacies during restaurant hours.  The Venetian will also offer an exclusive in-suite Macanese menu for hotel guests.    
All venues will showcase the artistry of local Macanese craftspeople.  This will include one of the highest forms of Chinese art, calligraphic painting, as well as traditional silhouette portraits, where craftsmen cut black paper entirely freehanded to create magnificent silhouette portraits.  These performances will allow visitors to see the art-in-the-making and bring home a little piece of Macau for themselves.

For additional information on Macau Week or Macau, please visit www.MacauWeek.com or contact Macau Government Tourist Office USA:

Frank DeClara                                            Kelly Bassett
Los Angeles Office                                      New York Office                             
3601 Aviation Boulevard, Suite 2100         501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101                   
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266                      New York, NY 10017              
Tel: (310) 643-2630                                   Tel: (646) 227-0690                            
Fax: (310) 643-2627                                  Fax: (646) 366-8170                
macau@myriadmarketing.com                    kelly@myriadmarketing.com




The Macanese Celebrate Dia de Portugal

Gratifyingly, Dia de Portugal 2005 turned out to be all that its organizers, the Portuguese Heritage Society of California, hoped it would be – a day of brilliant sunshine, cool refreshing breezes, record crowds, a parade with the oom pah pah of brass bands and the wailing of bagpipes, colorful flags, banners and bunting, the tantalizing smell of barbecued sardines and other Portuguese delicacies wafting through the shade trees, and the enthusiastic participation of thousands of fun-loving citizens noisily living up their Portuguese tradition and heritage.

The Macanese too did themselves especially proud this year at this patriotic festival.  For the first time, Macau had a representative coming across the Pacific to take part in the parade.  That dignitary, Dr. José Pereira Coutinho, President of the 10,000-member Associação dos Trabalhadores da Função Pública de Macau (ATFPM), was honored with an invitation to join the Consul General for Portugal in San Francisco, Dr. António José Alves de Carvalho, and the President of the Portuguese Heritage Society of California, Alberto “Al” Dutra, at the head of the parade.  And the celebrants later heard from these worthy gentlemen in eloquent speeches which they delivered at the flag-bedecked portico of the Portuguese Historical Museum as the parade drew to a close.

L-R:  Maria Roliz, Arthur Britto, Dr. António José Alves de Carvalho, Sra. D. Maria Teresa Sotto Mayor de Carvalho, Dr. José Pereira Coutinho, Manuela Silveira, Eduardo Collaço

Also for the first time, the flag of the Macau Government was on display as an entry in the parade.  It was carried closely behind the parade leaders by the President of Lusitano Club of California, Maria Roliz, and another member from her club.  To the amusement of the crowd, several picnickers of Chinese ethnicity were seen to barge unceremoniously into the parade and pose proudly for photographs of themselves beside the Região Administrativa Especial de Macau flag.

On display too in a specially set up hall were 52 stunningly beautiful architectural photographs of old Macau edifices.  These exhibits were made available courtesy of the International Institute of Macau through the good offices of Arthur Britto, liaison.  They were originally part of an exhibition held in the University of California in Berkeley in quest of support for Macau’s classification for world heritage at UNESCO. 

Then there was the formal signing of a Protocol of Cooperation with the ATFPM which took place with the architectural exhibits as background.  The cooperating institutions were Lusitano Club of California, Casa de Macau USA, and Portuguese Macau Institute of America, with Maria Roliz, President, Arthur Britto, President, and Eduardo Collaço, President, respectively, as signatories. Witnessing the signing of the Protocol were Consul General Dr. de Carvalho and Sra. D. Manuela Silveira, Vice Consul.

Lastly, but certainly not the least of the Macanese celebration of their ethnicity, Lusitano Club of California conducted, for the eleventh year in a row, their now famous Dia de Portugal food booth featuring delectable Macanese cuisine.  But of course minchi was one of the entrées.  Members of Casa de Macau and Lusitano Club turned out in force as volunteers to help in the kitchen tent.  Eduardo Collaço, the favorite Macaense of the local Açoreanos, who make up the major component of the Portuguese population in California, rolled up his sleeves to help with the cooking in the Portuguese Heritage Society food booth.

The Macanese indeed did themselves proud this day. 



Goodwill Trip to Canada and the USA by Macau Official

“The Portuguese and Macanese community should unite around common values in the context of the new sociological and political experience of the Região Administrativa Especial de Macau (RAEM),” said José Pereira Coutinho, elected member of the Conselho Permanente do Conselho das Comunidades Portuguesas, to Jornal Tribuna de Macau.  He was on his way to the United States where he will participate in the celebrations of Dia de Portugal on June 10, 2005.  The community should “promote a culture of mutual assistance as a way to overcome the actual difficulties which they are experiencing – an allusion to their real estate and labor market disagreements.

Before arriving in the United States, Pereira Coutinho makes a technical stop in Canada which he will take advantage of to strengthen the friendship ties with members of management of Casa de Macau in Vancouver, represented by Miguel da Roza and António Amante.  On his return trip home he will meet with the directors of the Macau Cultural Association presided over by Carlos Cordeiro.  While in California he will have been received by the executives of Casa de Macau USA, Arthur Britto, President, and Henrique Manhão, Vice President.

Pereira Coutinho said, “It was with much pride and honor that I accepted the invitation to represent the Portuguese and Macanese community in the grand festival of June 10 in San José.  He had been sounded out for this participation by the diaspora macaense, which later was made official by the Presidents of the Comissão Organizadora do Dia de Portugal Festival 2005.

In addition to meeting with the Consul of Portugal in San Francisco, António de Carvalho, “for an exchange of information respecting the communities,” Pereira Coutinho will also be received by the representatives of ICEP, of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, and of the Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society. 

(Excerpted and translated from a June 6, 2005, article in Jornal Tribuna de Macau)



Macau VIP to attend California Dia de Portugal Festival

Press Release of Casa de Macau USA Inc. 

Arthur Britto, President of Casa de Macau USA Inc., has been informed by the Dia de Portugal Festival Chairperson, Ms. Ângela Costa, that Macau’s Conselheiro Dr. José Pereira Coutinho has accepted an invitation to attend the Festival on June 11, 2005, in the city of San Jose, California. Dr. Pereira Coutinho is the President of the Macau Civil Servants Association with over 9000 members.

Dr. Pereira Coutinho will be accorded the traditional head of the June 11 parade together with Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco, Dr. António Alves de Carvalho, and Al Dutra, President of the Portuguese Historical Society of California.

An attorney by profession and an elected member of the Portuguese Community Council, Dr. Pereira Coutinho is the Council Member representing the Portuguese in Asia and Australia.  He is also a member of the Standing Committee of The Portuguese Community Council, an executive advisory body for the Portuguese Foreign Office in matters relating to Portuguese communities residing abroad.

Mr. Britto, who is also a Director for the Portuguese Historical Society of California, which is hosting the Dia de Portugal, de Camões, e das Comunidades Portuguesas, is especially pleased with Dr. Pereira Coutinho’s presence at the Festival because this is the first time the Macaense community will have such an important official from Macau to represent its community here in California.  Mr. Britto met Dr. Pereira Coutinho at the 2004 Encontro in Macau and is looking forward to meeting him again when he arrives in California.

Portuguese Text:

Arthur Britto,  Presidente da Casa de Macau, USA, foi recentemente informado por Angela Costa, Co-Presidente do Comité do Festival Dia de Portugal, que o Conselheiro Dr. José Pereira Coutinho tinha aceite o convite para assistir ao festival do Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas, a realizar no dia 11 de Junho de 2005 na cidade de San Jose, na Califórnia.

O Presidente da Casa de Macau, Arthur Britto, que também é director da Portuguese Historical Society of California, a organizadora deste festival, regozija-se com a presença do Dr. Pereira Coutinho visto ser esta a primeira vez que a Comunidade Macaense na Califórnia tem um dignitário de Macau a representar a sua comunidade no estado da Califórnia.

O Conselheiro Dr. Pereira Coutinho encabecará a tradicional marcha no dia 11 de Junho, ao lado do Consul Geral de Portugal, Sr. Dr. António Alves de Carvalho e do Senhor Albert Dutra, Presidente da Portuguese Historical Society of California.

Arthur Britto teve o prazer de se encontrar com o Conselheiro Pereira Coutinho aquando da realização do Encontro 2004 e é com muito prazer que o vai ver de novo.

Angela Pereira, Secretária, Casa de Macau USA



Macau to Compete in World Championship Roller Hockey

Standing L-R:  Alexandre Torrão, Alfredo Almeida, Augusto Ramos, Helder Alhada, Ricardo Atraca, Nuno Antunes (Captain)

Below L-R:  Pedro Almeida, Arnaldo Silva, Nazalino Lameiras e Alberto Lisboa (Trainer/Player)

The 37th Hardball Roller Hockey World Championship Group A will take place August 6 through 13, 2005, in San Jose, California.  Macau’s Men’s Team will compete for the first time in its history and in the history of the sport in Asia.  So advises Pedro Lobo, a young enthusiast from Fafe, Portugal, now making Macau his home, who, as the Secretary General of the Roller Skating Association of Macau, has written to the three Macanese clubs in the Bay Area to ask for their cooperation in providing support and  information to the team’s camp followers.  He also asked for as many Macaenses as possible to attend the matches to witness the team’s defence of the colors of Portugal  and their beloved Macau.

The Macau team which will proudly defend the name of Macau will comprise mainly Macaense and Portuguese youths.  They will be quartered in the San Jose Fairmont Hotel on 170 South Market Street.  The championship matches will take place in the San Jose State University Event Center. 

For further information on the Championship, visit their website www.2005rhwc.com.  Club members should contact their club if they are able to assist in any way.

U P D A T E D  Aug 2, 2005

Macau’s team plays in Group A as follows:

August 7 -  3.00  pm  Chile vs Macau  New time

August 8 - 10.30 am  Macau vs Angola

August 9 -  4.30 pm  Macau vs Portugal New time

For information on the August 11, 12, and 13 final rounds, when winners and losers of their match play winners and losers of Groups B, C, and D, visit the Roller Skate Championship website www.2005rhwc.com – Click on English, Click on The Venue/Event, Click on Schedule. 

(Schedule is subject to change by CIRH without notice)

Good Luck Macau!

Macanese Clubs welcome the Macau Hockey Team on arrival at the San Jose California Airport



Dia de Portugal 
The Portuguese Heritage Society of California will be holding a Dia de Portugal Festival 2005 celebration on Saturday, June 11th. The festival will be held at History Park San Jose (Kelley Park). An afternoon parade will serve as a midday highlight. Daylong entertainment, cooking demonstrations, children’s activities, and more can be enjoyed throughout the rest of the day. Taste a delicious variety of Portuguese food at various food booths set up to benefit Portuguese based non-profits in the State of California. Lusitano Club of California will have a Macanese Food Booth, for the 11th year.  Volunteers email Maria Roliz, President, at m_roliz@yahoo.com. View the latest exhibits in the Portuguese Museum, one of the largest musuems dedicated to telling the story of the Portuguese–American experience in our country! For more information on the Portuguese Heritage Society of California, please visit their website at www.portuguesemuseum.org

Event informationyoung dairyman
Parade of Portuguese Organizations 1:00 PM

Map of History Park San Jose

Opening ceremonies and exhibit unveiling at the Portuguese Musuem

Open Air Concert
Over a dozen artists featuring their paintings with Portuguese themes
Dozens of Portuguese books on sale and on exhibit from the US and Portugal
Opportunities to taste wine from the wine growing regions of Portugal
Cooking Demonstrations
Children’s Activities
Food from Portuguese lands

FREE entrance to History Park San Jose & Portuguese Museum
$6.00 / vehicle parking fee
(Complimentary parking will be provided to parade participants

Entertainment and cooking demonstrations will be occurring throughout the day. View a draft of the layout of the Festa at History Park San Jose.


A Celebration of Unity

By Horácio Ozório

It was definitely not one of those drink, dine, dance, and depart parties.  It was an extravaganza.  Hosted by Lusitano Club of California and Casa de Macau USA, 300 members and friends of the Macanese and Chinese communities gathered February 12, 2004, at the beautifully and appropriately decorated Far East Café & Seafood Cuisine in China Town, San Francisco, to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the Região Administrativa Especial de Macau (RAEM), the dawning of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, and the signing of the Articles of Incorporation of the Macau Cultural Center to be located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The festivities were ably emceed by Robert Tam of Casa de Macau USA.

On hand to honor the occasion and representing the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, who could not attend due to a previous engagement, were Shen Weilian, Deputy Consul General, and Tong Defa, Consul (Public Affairs).  In his speech Mr. Shen spoke appreciatively of the tremendous progress made by the RAEM, which he said vindicated his optimistic prognosis five years ago, which he made, he said, without evidence in hand to substantiate it.

L - R:  Maria Roliz, Arthur Britto, Shen Weilian (Deputy Consul General), Albertino da Rosa, Robert Tam, Joana da Rosa Tam, and Tong Defa (Consul)

Speaking for her club, Maria Roliz, President of Lusitano Club of California, praised CEO Edmund Ho Hau-wah for the outstanding job he has done in making the One-Country-Two-Systems formula work for Macau, and for contributing in the process to the preservation and promotion of the culture and heritage of the Macanese.  She also thanked Dr. José Manuel Rodrigues, President of APIM, for the very appreciated contribution he secured from the Macau government towards defraying part of the cost of the evening’s celebrations. 

L - R:  Robert de Graça, Alexander Xavier, António Jorge da Silva, Maria Roliz, Teresa Roliz, and Arthur Britto

In a solemn moment during the dinner party, the document setting forth the Articles of Incorporation of the planned Macau Cultural Center was signed by Arthur Britto for Casa de Macau USA, by Robert de Graça for União Macaense Americana (UMA), and by António Jorge da Silva for Lusitano Club of California, in their capacities as chairmen of their clubs’ cultural center committees.  Following that historic first step, Arthur Britto, Alexander Xavier, and Maria Roliz, Presidents of the three clubs respectively, took to the podium to jointly announce the creation of a board of trustees to take over from the individual clubs the task of managing the affairs of the cultural center.  They also announced having made a bid for the purchase of a building located near Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, to be established as the Macau Cultural Center.

L - R:  Alexander Xavier, Robert de Graça, António Jorge da Silva, Maria Roliz, Lulu Xavier, Henrique Manhão, Teresa Roliz, and Arthur Britto

Entertainment for the evening consisted of dance music provided by the Lionel Sequeira Music Makers, songs enchantingly sung in Chinese, Portuguese, and English by diaspora favorite Elsa Denton (daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albertino da Rosa), and the traditional Lion Dance which included Lion Cubs delightfully performed by little children.

All in all an epochal evening for the Macanese.

The above as reported by Journal Tribuna de Macau 2-16-05

ACORDO CELEBRADO EM FESTA. O acordo para a criação do Centro Cultural foi assinado sábado por Arthur Britto, Robert de Graça e António Jorge da Silva, na qualidade de presidentes das comissões culturais da Casa de Macau USA, União Macaense Americana e Lusitano Clube da Califórnia, respectivamente, durante uma festa de convívio que juntou cerca de três centenas de elementos das comunidades macaense e chinesa no “Far East Café & Seafood Cuisine”, na “China Town” de São Francisco.

Organizado com o triplo objectivo de celebrar o quinto aniversário da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau, o início do Ano Lunar do Galo e a assinatura do histórico acordo, o convívio, que teve como anfitriões o Lusitano Clube da Califórnia e a Casa de Macau USA, contou também com a participação de Shen Weilian, vice-cônsul geral da República Popular da China em São Francisco, e Tong Defa, responsável pelos Assuntos Públicos do consulado chinês.

No discurso que proferiu, Shen Weilian manifestou a sua apreciação pelo que salientou ser o enorme progresso registado pela RAEM, e justificativo dos prognósticos optimistas que havia feito há cinco anos, mesmo sem dados concretos que os substanciassem.

Maria Roliz, presidente do Lusitano Clube da Califórnia, também fez uso da palavra para elogiar o Chefe do Executivo da RAEM, Edmund Ho, pelo “notável trabalho” desenvolvido na aplicação eficaz do princípio “um país, dois sistemas” em Macau e pelo contributo prestado ao processo de preservação e promoção da cultura e património macaenses. A mesma responsável agradeceu ainda a colaboração de José Manuel Rodrigues, presidente da APIM, por ter intercedido junto do Governo da RAEM para a obtenção de uma verba que ajudou a suportar parte das despesas da festa de São Francisco.

Considerada pelos organizadores como uma “noite histórica”, a festa decorreu sob o signo da união e em ambiente animado, para o que muito contribuiram as canções chinesas, portuguesas e inglesas de Elsa Denton, a música de dança dos “Lionel Sequeira Music Makers” e as tradicionais Danças do Leão, enriquecidas com a participação de várias crianças.



Join the Portuguese for a Festa - Portuguese Holy Spirit Festival Sunset

Feed your fascination for other cultures by going to a Portuguese Holy Spirit festival. Whether your name is Silva or McClanahan, you'll be welcomed. Portuguese Americans from the Azores-many whose ancestors came to the West to fish or farm hold festas (pronounced "fesh-tas") in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. There may be one in your city or town; more than 500,000 Azorean Americans live in California alone.

The festa tradition, which has been observed in this country for about a hundred years, mingles Catholic religious beliefs and ancient legend. Although the senti-ment behind festas is the same everywhere, particular customs can differ between communities. The Sunday portion usually starts at 10 A.M., with a parade from the Portuguese hall in town to a church. Other fesh-tivities some-times including bloodless bullfights-- take place on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Monday evenings. But for the uninitiated, the Sunday events are the most interesting.

Appointed festa queens make their way down the parade route towing capes of velvet, jewels, seed pearls, beading, feathers, and appliques (their finery, and other aspects of the festa, recall 14th-century Queen Isabel, a peacemaker and friend to the poor-particularly during a Portuguese famine). A Portuguese brass band or two enliven the atmosphere.

At the church, the costumed parade cast jams into the front pews, and a Mass is said, often in Portuguese. After the Mass, the priest crowns the queen at the altar.

A feast of tradition

The parade then returns to the Portuguese hall, where the new queen releases a white dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit, into the air. (The popular belief that a visit from the Holy Spirit is what enabled Isabel to relieve her people's suffering is the subject of several miraculous legends; according to one, the queen, smuggling food to the poor in midwinter, produced live roses from her robes when her husband, Diniz, demanded to see what she was concealing.)

Inside the festa hall, volunteers prepare sopas e carne (beef soup), served free to everyone in the charitable spirit of Isabel. To make the sopas, cows donated by Portuguese community members are slaughtered and boiled for about 6 hours in huge pots (some large enough to hold the meat of entire cows). Added are onions, paprika, cinnamon, cumin, tomato, wine, and sometimes cabbage. The broth is poured over French bread and mint sprigs; the beef is served alongside. Throughout the day, you can usually buy other Portuguese specialties-sweet bread, linguica, tremocos (boiled lupino beans).

After the meal, an auctioneer sells homemade bread, wine, and table linens. Proceeds are used to defray the cost of the festas.

Portuguese music fills the ball Sunday night (or sometimes Saturday), and dancers stamp their feet, spin, and pose according to the calls of the chamarita.

Generally, a community holds its festa at the same time every year-the seventh week after Easter, for instance. For more information, call I.D.E.S., a Portuguese fraternal organization, at (415) 886-5555; or call local chambers of commerce,

(Thanks to Angela’s List for the above relay)



Newly Appointed Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco

A Diaspora Macaense na America has been advised by the Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco, California, that

Dr. António José Alves de Carvalho

was appointed Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco on September 30, 2004.

Dr. de Carvalho was born in Lisbon on August 9, 1959, and received a degree in Law from the University of Lisbon, and a degree in European Studies from the Technical University of Lisbon.

He started his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 11, 1986, and received the following appointments:

Appointed Secretary of Embassy on June 30, 1987

Appointed to the Embassy of Portugal to the Holy See on February 2, 1993

Appointed to the Embassy of Portugal in Brasília on September 22, 1997

Appointed Counsellor of Embassy on June 30, 1998

Head of the Department of South and Central America in September 2001.

During his career, Dr. de Carvalho was decorated with the Order “pro Merito Militensi,” from the Military and Sovereign Order of Malta, and decorated with the Order of São Gregório Magno, Holy See.

Dr. de Carvalho is married to the former Maria Teresa Sotto Mayor.

A Diaspora Macaense na America extends a warm welcome to Dr. António José Alves de Carvalho and Mrs. Maria Teresa Sotto Mayor de Carvalho, and wishes them a happy and successful stay in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Casas de Macau Prepare for Encontro of 2004

It has been confirmed that more than 70 Macaenses from Casa de Macau of California will attend the next Encontro das Comunidades Macaenses, Henrique Manhão, President of the club, revealed to Jornal Tribuna de Macau.  According to Manhão, 45 of the enrolees to the Encontro, the second to be held in the RAEM, are ethnic Chinese.

The strong support of the Chinese members, natives of Macau, for Encontro 2004 demonstrates their interest in being part of the “family” of the Macanese diaspora, emphasized the President of Casa de Macau USA, pointing out that the club organizes an annual Spring dinner to promote Sino-Luso Macaense friendship.

Recall that in the past week, Vitor Serra de Almeida, President of Casa de Macau in Portugal, revealed to Jornal Tribuna de Macau that more than a hundred persons of the Macanese community or with links to Macau, who have settled in Portugal, have confirmed their attendance at the Encontro which takes place between November 28 and December 5 of this year.  A significant number of participants should be coming from associations and Casas de Macau in Canada.

According to Henrique Manhão, Deolinda Adão of the University of California in Berkeley has accepted the invitation of the Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses (APIM) to attend Encontro 2004.

In Macau, she will take the opportunity to finalize a protocol for the exchange of students between APIM and the Californian university.  Similarly anticipated is the signing of a protocol with the Instituto Internacional de Macau.

During her stay in Macau, Deolinda Adão will also make contact with Lusofonia, having in mind the eventual participation of Macau in a seminar on Lusofonia at the University of California, Berkeley, in February of 2005.

(The foregoing is a free translation of an article appearing in Jornal Tribuna de Macau on September 15, 2004. - Ed.)



Check This Out - Portuguese Cultural Center of Danbury Connecticut


The Portuguese American community has been an integral part of the growth of the City of Danbury for the past century, and even beyond that. The Portuguese American Community is estimated to now number over twelve thousand people in just the greater Danbury area. It is also estimated that the Portuguese American community has created and operates in excess of one hundred and twenty five small businesses in the Greater Danbury area.

The often described profile of the Portuguese American family is that of a family-oriented, honest, loyal, thrifty, and hard-working family. Therefore, it is of no great surprise that the majority, or approximately 70% of all Portuguese American families own their own home, and have contributed greatly to the revival of certain neighborhoods in our community by restoring properties that have been distressed. Interestingly enough, now that we are moving our community center to a new area in Danbury, we have left the Portuguese Square streets, also known as "Little Portugal," completely redesigned, and beautified prior to departure. Truly unusual, but certainly not a surprise, and definitively a reflection of the greatness of Portuguese American Community are capable of.

Although Portuguese Americans are proud of their Portuguese heritage, we are undoubtedly Americans.  We seek to lay the foundation for a stronger family unit in an effort to build a greater community, city, and world. We believe that the Portuguese American culture is a unifying culture of peace, compassion, and determination with steadfast family values at its core.  It is from this base of strength that the Portuguese American community has sponsored and developed numerous organizations, programs, and activities to enrich the City of Danbury, Connecticut.

While many other cultural organizations over the past years have struggled to maintain their identity, our Portuguese American community has experienced incredible growth and development.  It is our belief that with the continued expansion of facilities and programs, not only available to the Portuguese American community, but to the Greater Danbury community as well, all will benefit.

Because the Portuguese American community continues to grow in number each year, we have developed a need for a larger cultural facility. This facility will accommodate the expanding community while continuing to promote all its respected qualities of determination, hard work, and family values into the next century.  The Portuguese American community has therefore decided to build this new cultural center which will be open for membership to all the people of the Greater Danbury area for the common good of the entire community.  Of course, in order to meet this goal, the Portuguese Cultural Center asks for your support.  Please contact us at funds@portugueseculturalcenter.com for more information, or to make your contribution.

(Excerpted from Angelas-List dated July 21, 2004. – Ed.)


2004 Dia de Portugal Festa - Portuguese Heritage Society

The Portuguese Heritage Society of California will be holding a Dia de Portugal Festival 2004 celebration on Sunday, June 13th. The festival will be held at History Park San Jose (Kelley Park).

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of modern day Portugal and the "Revolution of the Red Carnations", 1,000 entrants will receive a free red carnation.

A morning parade will be followed by entertainment, cooking demonstrations, children’s activities, and more throughout the rest of the day.

Taste a delicious variety of Portuguese food at various food booths set up to benefit Portuguese based non-profits in the State of California.

View the latest exhibits in the Portuguese Museum, one of the largest musuem's dedicated to telling the story of the Portuguese–American experience in our country!

For more information on the Portuguese Heritage Society of California, please visit their website at www.portuguesemuseum.org as well as www.diadeportugal.com.



Homage to a Great Portuguese Humanitarian

Communiqué issued by the Consulate General of Portugal, San Francisco, dated June 2, 2004:


            O Consulado-Geral de Portugal em San Francisco apresenta os seus melhores cumprimentos e tem a honra de comunicar que serão celebradas missas de homenagem ao diplomata Dr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes, pela passagem do 50o Aniversário da sua morte.

            O Dr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes, além de ter sido, em 1921/1922, Cônsul-Geral de Portugal em San Francisco, foi Cônsul-Geral em Bordéus, França, e em 1940, contra as instruções que tinha e pondo em risco a sua carreira, concedeu milhares de vistos a refugiados judeus e outros, salvando-lhes as vidas.

As missas serão celebradas, a saber:

Dia 19 de Junho, às 19H30, na St. Mary’s Cathedral – 1111 Gough (Gough e Geary), San Francisco

Dia 19 de Junho, às 19H30, na Igreja Nacional Portuguesa das Cinco Chagas, San José.

            O Consulado-Geral de Portugal em San Francisco agradece a divulgação destas datas, assim como agradece a comparência da Comunidade Portuguesa nas acima mencionadas homenagens ao grande Humanitário Português da II Grande Guerra, Dr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes.

San Francisco, 2 de Junho de 2004.


English Translation:

The Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco presents its best compliments and has the honor to advise that there will be celebrated Masses in homage to the diplomat Dr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes on the 50th Anniversary of his death.

Dr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes, in addition to having been in 1921/1922 the Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco, was the Consul General of Portugal in Bordeaux, France, and in 1940, contrary to instructions which he had which would have placed his career in jeopardy, issued thousands of visas to Jewish refugees and others, saving their lives.

The Masses will be celebrated as follows:

On June 19 at 7.30 pm at St. Mary’s Cathedral, 1111 Gough (Gough at Geary) San Francisco

On June 19 at 7.30 pm at Igreja Nacional Portuguesa das Cinco Chagas, San José.

The Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco would appreciate the publicizing of this information as well as the attendance of the Portuguese community at the abovementioned tributes to the great Portuguese Humanitarian of the Second Great War, Dr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes.




Macau – Espaço de Encontro de Culturas

A conference, entitled “Macau – Espaço de Encontro de Culturas” and jointly sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley, and Casa de Macau, USA, Inc., took place on April 30, 2004, at the International House in Berkeley, California, with Deolinda Adão of the University and Henrique J. Manhão, President of Casa de Macau, emceeing.

The speakers at the conference were:

Dr. José Luis de Sales Marques, Dr. Miguel de Senna Fernandes, and Dr. Carlos dos Santos Marreiros, all from Macau, representing APIM (Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses);

Dr. Luis Sá Cunha and Dr. André Silveira from Macau, and Arquitecto Gustavo da Roza from Vancouver, Canada, all representing Instituto Internacional de Macau; and

Frederick “Jim” Silva, Past State Board President of UMA, from San Francisco.

The conference, which opened with a few words of introduction by G. Mathias Kondolf, Ph.D, Program Chair, Portuguese Studies Program, University of California, Berkeley, was well attended, with members of Casa de Macau USA turning out in force.

All the speakers, who spoke in English, were most impressive and gave interesting, educational, and entertaining talks, Dr. Silveira by way of an artistic video on Macau in glorious color.  The two architects in the group did an outstanding job of presenting their material, but it was the two who spoke about language who appeared to have captivated the audience.

Dr. José Luis de Sales Marques, President, Institute of European Studies of Macau, gave a talk on the Portuguese Language in Macau.  Commencing his fascinating talk with a profile of Macau, he spoke about its territorial reach, its population mix and density, life expectancy and per capita GDP, its dependency on the income of the gaming industry, and other economic factors of the territory. 

In speaking on education in general, it became abundantly clear from his most impressive presentation that Macau’s current education policy was formulated only after every aspect of this complex subject was given the closest and most comprehensive study before the implementation phase kicked in.  Thus it was not surprising to hear him speak of such esoteric problems as the substandard quality of the education plant, large class size, producer capture, social exclusion, neglect of the cultural heritage of Macau, and excessive reliance on memorization, repetition, and rote.

Dr. Sales Marques closed with a recital of the historical landmarks of Macau dating from 1842 when Hong Kong was established by the British, which event, he said, dealt a final blow to Macau’s position as a trading port.

Also speaking on language, on the redoubtable Patuá, was Dr. Miguel de Senna Fernandes, an attorney in private life.  He defined Patuá, whose proper name he said was Lingu Macaísta, as a language based on the ole Creole that was a hybrid blend of Malay, Concani, Spanish, French, Cantonese and English.  He described it as the language of lower class people, the language of women or “mother” language, the language of satire used to criticize government and to complain, and the language of Macanese humor.

Dr. Senna Fernandes had the audience in stitches with his examples of Cantonese in Patuá, Chinese Patuá, English in Patuá, and British Patuá.  Calling Patuá mistaken Portuguese, he said Patuá was no longer the medium of communication, it having given way to a choice of either Cantonese, Portuguese, or English, and, he added, was a useless language according to the younger generations.  The principal authors whom he credits with helping in the preservation of Patuá are José Feliciano Marques Pereira, Danilo Barreiros, Graciete Batalha, and José “Adé” dos Santos Ferreira.   The Tunas Macaense, the Récitas, and Doci Papiaçam di Macau, he said, are the current performing arts that promote Patuá.

Identifying academic research, workshops and training courses as things that can still be done to preserve Patuá, he urged an increase in awareness of the importance of “this Creole” in the identity of the Macau-Filo.

In conclusion, he said Patuá is the core of our cultural heritage.  Hybridization reflects what it is all about being Macanese.  Reviving memory and community effort are critical.  Every Macanese should participate in what it is that makes us not forget.

A Diaspora Macaense na America applauds all who organized, contributed, and attended this memorable conference, and looks forward to continued synergism in the efforts of the Macanese community to preserve our cultural heritage.



Portuguese Soccer Anyone?

Sporting Club of Portugal, the legendary Portuguese soccer team, will face the San Jose Earthquakes at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, California, on Wednesday, May 12 at 7:30 p.m. 

With a longstanding tradition as one of the top teams in Europe, Sporting Club of Portugal plays in the First Division of Portuguese soccer and is currently in second place under Head Coach Fernando Santos.  Founded in 1906, they have a proud record of having won altogether 17 Portuguese Cup events and 18 league titles.

Advance ticket prices are $20, $28, $35, and $45.  Tickets may be purchased at the Earthquakes’ Ticket Office at 100 North Almaden Ave. in downtown San Jose.  They may also be purchased by logging onto http://www.sjearthquakes.com, or by calling the Ticketmaster outlet at (408) 998-8497, (415) 421-8497, (510) 625-8497, or (925) 685-8497, or by visiting any Ticketmaster outlet, including Tower Records, Rite Aid, and Ritmo Latino.


Macau Presents Itself to California

Under date of April 15, 2004, Jornal Tribuna de Macau (JTM) reports that a seminar, “Macau:  Espaço de Encontro de Culturas,” will take place at the end of April 2004 at the University of California in Berkeley.  From music to video, various are the activities included in the seminar’s program,

A dinner on April 29 in honor of speakers and guests, during which there will be no lack of Macaense music and readings of poetry and literature on Macau, will be the highlight of this historic seminar, which is organized by the Department of Portuguese Studies of the prestigious Californian university in collaboration with Casa de Macau of the United States of America.

The main feature of the program, which JTM reports having had access to, however, is reserved for the day after, with a series of conferences which will center attention on the past, present and future of Macau, as well as a photographic exhibition and video showing of the territory.

The list of participants includes Luis Sá Cunha, André da Silveira and Gustavo da Roza, all of Instituto Internacional; Jim Silva of União Macaense Americana (UMA); Robert Berdahl and David Leonard, chancellor and vice-chancellor of UC Berkeley; as well as representatives of “South East Asian Center” and the Departments of Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese Studies of the host university.

APIM (Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses) will be represented by Jorge Rangel, José Sales Marques, Henrique de Senna Fernandes and Carlos Marreiros.

The Consuls-General of the People’s Republic of China and Portugal in San Francisco; Fundação Oriente; Jorge Fão and David Chow, Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Região Administrativa Especial de Macau; Francisco Manhão, President of APOMAC (Aposentados, Reformados e Pensionistas de Macau); Maria Roliz, President of Clube Lusitano da Califórnia; and Robert da Costa, President of UMA, are a few of the personalities and entities invited to the event.



Remembering our History – Reliving our Traditions

Luso-American Education Foundation invites all to join them on April 2-3, 2004, at the University of California, Berkeley, for their 28th Annual Conference.  Workshops and presentations will focus on the conference’s theme, “Remembering our History – Reliving our Traditions,” as well as the 30th Anniversary of Portugal’s “25 de Abril.”  All sessions will be open to the public.

The conference is hosted by the UCB’s Portuguese Studies Program, and co-sponsored by the Luso-American Development Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, and Direcção Regional das Comunidades do Governo Regional dos Açores.

For additional information contact Luso-American Education Foundation at (925) 828-3883;  email:  milu@aol.com or Deoadao@uclink4.berkeley.edu.



The Macanese of Rossmoor

Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, is an award-winning, nationally recognized, senior adult community about 20 miles east of San Francisco, California.  Approximately 50-60 retired members of the Macanese community make it their home.

Rossmoor is a gated community with a population of about 10,000 who enjoy a lifestyle of retired living in landscaped homes luxuriously set up in rolling hills with hiking trails and open space.

Facilities available include two golf courses, swimming pools, picnic grounds, craft and hobby studios, lawn bowls rinks, tennis courts, an exercise facility, and five inviting clubhouses with meeting and activity rooms, and a full-service library.  Classes, entertainment, educational programs and trips are presented by a company recreation department. There are 200 active clubs, groups and organizations which plan activities and events.  Available to the Rossmoorians also is 24-hour public safety assistance and a full-service out-patient medical center. 

Lawn bowling is the principal recreation activity of the Rossmoor Macanese.  They have organized themselves as the Clube Macaenses de Rossmoor, and compete intramurally and twice a year against teams from the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club consisting of UMA Macanese drawn from other parts of the Bay Area.  They also compete against outside clubs. Their other social activities include an occasional pot luck dinner party held in a community clubhouse.  The current officers of the Clube Macaenses de Rossmoor are Robert Sequeira, President, Lennie Gaan, Vice President, and Miguela Remedios, Secretary.

Just outside the sentry gates of Rossmoor stands St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church where services are conducted more in the style of churches that the Macanese are accustomed to when they worshiped in Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai.  They are very active in the liturgical ministries as Mass servers, Eucharistic ministers, lectors, ushers, choir members, and pastoral support. 

In 2001, spearheaded by Vilma Remedios and Yvonne Ozorio, the Macanese “introduced” themselves as an ethnic group to the parishioners of St. Anne’s by sponsoring a Portuguese dinner featuring hor d’oeuvres of chilicote frito and Portuguese sardines on crackers, entrees consisting of feijoada, galinha molho, and vaca estufado, Portuguese wines, and closing with dessert of bebinga de leite, gummy gummy cake, and cornstarch cookies.  To add to the flavor of the evening, the Portuguese flag was flown and the national anthem sung.  For entertainment a themed singalong was presented.  The best ever party was the consensus of the parish.



Community Liaison to Lisbon, Portugal, Elected.

A Meeting of all Portuguese-American Organizations Planned.

Mr. Diniz Borges (Email: d.borges@comcast.net) has written to advise that he has been elected to the Conselho das Comunidades Portuguesas, an advisory board on topics of emigration and the ties to the communities of people from Portuguese background for the Portuguese national government in Lisbon.

He will be more than happy to take the concerns of Portuguese-American organizations to the Portuguese government at the national and the regional level.

Mr. Borges also advises that with the collaboration of the Center for Portuguese Studies at California State University, Stanislaus, Turlock, California, a meeting is being organized with all the Portuguese-American organizations in California and the Western States. This event is planned for Saturday, November the 22nd at the University, from 10AM until 3:30Pm.  The meeting will take place in the Event Center Building on campus.  Lunch is available for a fee of $15.  It will be an excellent opportunity for all the organizations to get together and have an ample discussion about the future of Portuguese communities in California, and all other Western States.  To attend contact Elmano Costa [mailto:ecosta@toto.csustan.edu]



Please read this update.  It’s great news for us. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES

Eduardo Raimundo Collaço

Portuguese American Leadership Council of the United States (PALCUS) - Updated 12-23-03.  For a complete list of all News, Programs & Opportunities, visit: http://www.palcus.org.

1.  Portuguese Heritage Scholarship Foundation (PHSF) Awards of 2004: Application Deadline Changed to February 15, 2004.

The Portuguese Heritage Scholarship Foundation (PHSF) for the 2004 academic year is available to qualified students up to $8,000 in scholarships for undergraduate studies. Requirements for consideration for a scholarship are academic achievement, pursuit of a college level education, demonstrated need and the individuals must be of Portuguese ancestry. For further information and an application package please contact the PHSF at the address listed below. The application deadline has been changed to February 15, 2004!!!  The web site containing our information is: www.phsf.net

2.  Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs/Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship Program: now accepting applications for 2004.

Are you an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student? Do you think you might be interested in pursuing a Foreign Service career with the U.S. Department of State? If so, you should consider applying for a Pickering Fellowship. Find out about this program on the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (WWNFF) Web site, at http://www.woodrow.org/public-policy/

3.  E-Journal of Portuguese History Now Online! A Joint Publication by the University of Porto and Brown University.

The e-Journal of Portuguese History is now online!  Please click on the following link: http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Portuguese_Brazilian_Studies/ejph/  The journal is published in English twice a year, only in electronic format.

4.  Network Links Library

The following links are a few of the several thousand of salience to the luso american community listed in the PALCUS network links library. To browse the links, please click on http://www.palcus.org/network/lib.html  This month’s featured sites on are:

1. Radio Voz do Emigrante / Voice of the Portuguese Community: http://www.radiovozdoemigrante.com/  

2. Macanese Diaspora in America: www.diasporamacaense.org

3. Gertrudes: Portuguese Language Search Engine: www.gertrudes.com

Our warmest thanks for your time and attention.  May you have a blessed holiday,

Jason Moreira, Associate Director, PALCUS


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Washington, D.C. 20003



Visit of Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities – 11/25/03

Staying Connected to Portugal

According to a report in the Tulare Advance-Register, Dr. José de Almeida Cesário, Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, is on a 5-day goodwill tour of America.  Speaking through an interpreter, Cesário told Tulare high school students they are part of the Portuguese culture and that they are still connected to Portugal through dance and music. “We want to help you stay connected to your culture,” he  said. "It is good that you are learning about how the culture and the dancing used to be, but you need to know how things are done now.”

Cesário spoke in Portuguese to students Wednesday at the Portuguese American Youth Festival in the TDES hall.  "I understood most of it,” Fedelina Zuniga of Tulare Western said. “He told us we need to know the culture as it is today and how they are dancing today.  We need to learn about what is now."  Schoolmate Mayra Pires added. "I think he is right.  We do need to learn more about how things are and help others learn too.”

Diniz Borges of Tulare Union and Nilza Bettencourt of Tulare Western, both Portuguese language teachers, assisted in helping students learn the Chamarrita and Sapateia, dances that farmers do during harvest time.

"These kids were born and bred in America," Borges said. "We have to find a way to keep the culture going, not just for them, but for everybody, for all cultures. The Portuguese government can help us do that through ideas, especially through the arts and with funding."

The 2002 census reported more than 300,000 Portuguese living in California, but Borges and Portuguese Consul General Augusto Peixoto, who accompanied Cesario from San Francisco, think it's more like more than half a million.