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 Club News

Casa de Macau Vancouver Has a Clubhouse!

By António Amante, President, Casa de Macau, Vancouver, Canada

For the past six years, I have had numerous meetings and negotiations with Dr. Vitor Ng, Fundação Macau, with one mission in mind:  to have a clubhouse for our Casa.  After a lot of sweat and tears (literally), in June 2007, the funding for our sede was finally and officially approved.

In August 2007, Dr. José Rodrigues (APIM) and delegates came to Vancouver for an official visit, at which time the Protocol was signed by four Casas in Canada, including ours.  In addition to this, Dr. Rodrigues (on behalf of Fundação Macau) was to set up a legal procedure to transfer the approved funding of MOP$7,000,000.00 to Vancouver, to be split 50/50 between the two Casas.  Their visit brought a lot of joy and cherished moments to all of our members.

During their visit, our sede committee found the ideal premises for a clubhouse, and successfully made an offer.  September 2007 will be remembered as a historic month and a major milestone for our Casa – at last we have our own clubhouse.

Our dream has come true and from now on we will have a sede of our own to be filled with our fun, our laughter and our memories.

Our Casa is not only for now but also for the future and for many generations to come.

On behalf of the Sede Committee, the Executive, and the entire membership, I would like to express our sincerest and most-heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Sebastião da Rosa (Secretary Finance, APIM), Ms Patsy Hui (our Realtor), and Ms Mimi Luk (our Lawyer), for their extraordinary support and hard work to help us overcome numerous obstacles and make the purchase of our clubhouse possible.

Our thanks and best wishes to them.



Casa de Macau Inc., Australia, 2008 Election Results

I am pleased to advise that our Casa's 13th Annual General Meeting was held in Sydney on Saturday 15th September 2007 and wish to announce the results for the next term of office for 2008.
Casa de Macau Inc
Committee for Term 2008
Office Bearers:
President:           Yvonne Herrero
Vice President:    Marcus Gutierrez
Secretary:           Mary Rigby
Treasurer:           Rogerio Fernandes
Dep.Secretary:    Antonieta (Conceicao) Manolakis

Committee Members:

                          Mariazinha Callaghan
                          Lizette (Viana) Akouri
                          Judy Rocha
                          Beatriz (Santos) Cartlidge
Kind Regards,
Yvonne Herrero, President


Starting a New Macanese Club in San Diego

The following is an email dated July 23, 2007, circulated to many in the Macanese world by Dean Gui, a member of Lusitano Club of California.  The email is self-explanatory.  He welcomes any help, suggestions, and advice he can get from visitors to this website.

Good day to all,

My name is Dean Gui. Some of you will know me; others not, so I hope you will forgive me if I repeat information some of you already know.

I am currently a member of the Lusitano Macanese club in the San Francisco Bay area, and will be moving down to Oceanside (just outside of San Diego) at the end of this month.

After having brief conversations with Horatio Ozorio (of Diaspora Macaense na America), and Robert and Maria Roliz (from Lusitano), I would enjoy the opportunity to try and start a Macanese club in the San Diego area.

My understanding is that there might not be much Macanese activity in the San Diego area right now, and my goal is to form a completely new group, targeting primarily (but not restricted to) Macanese or Macanese-identifying adults and professionals between their 20's and 40's. My intention is to provide a platform whereby members support each other in their individual professional pursuits, while celebrating our Macanese heritage via various means.

The name I would like to propose is "Recolhimento," or "The Gathering." Unfortunately, I do not speak Portuguese, and would certainly need recommendations pertaining to any use of it.

I am writing to you in hopes of receiving any contacts or suggestions you may have for starting this club. My main concern, at this point, is connecting with the Macanese community in San Diego.

Any advice you could offer me would be much appreciated. I may be reached at: eurasia72@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to your replies.


Dean Gui

A Diaspora Macaense na America wishes Dean every success in this ambitious enterprise.



Casa de Macau Australia has a Clubhouse – Finally!

Yvonne Herrero, President of Casa de Macau Inc., Australia, proudly announced on May 1, 2007, that “After seven years of searching for an appropriate site [for a clubhouse], following several unsuccessful attempts, I am happy to report that we have found a place to call our own.”  It is a modest stand-alone property at Sydenham (close to Petersham, recognized as ‘Little Portugal’).  “This is an exciting chapter of our Casa’s history, she says, as we continue to promote our unique culture and heritage with our motto:  Keeping the Macanese Community Alive.”


A Diaspora Macaense na America congratulates Casa de Macau Inc., Australia, on this acquisition.  It is an important link in the chain of Casas encircling the globe in the crusade to secure the continuity of the Macanese community as such wherever it may put down its roots and keep alive its unique identity.




União Macaense Americana – UMA, Inc. Announces 2007-2008 Election Results



As announced in the October-December 2006 issue of the UMA News Bulletin, the following are the results of the 2007-2008 elections for Officers and Directors for UMA



State Board Officers

             President  -  Raquel Remedios
Vice President  -  Maria Gomes
     Treasurer  -  Rita Ribeiro
        Secretary  -  Sandra Souza

San Francisco Chapter

     President  -  Alex Xavier
Vice President -  Rita Ribeiro
           Treasurer  -  Bernard Brown
          Secretary  -  Flavia Greubel
              Director  -  Maureen Xavier

San Mateo Chapter

               President  -  Raquel Remedios
   Vice President  -  Manuel Pereira
          Treasurer  -  Francis Carion
        Secretary  -  Ramon Xavier
            Director  -  Marie Guterres
           Director  -  Sandra Souza

Southern California Chapter

         President  -  Sally Carchidi
    Vice President  -  Gloria Sequeira
           Treasurer  -  Leda Pomeroy
           Secretary  -  Veronica Marin
                   Director  -  Terrence Pomeroy

Greater East Bay Chapter

         President  -  Maria Gomes
Vice President  -  Joe Perpetuo
      Treasurer  -  Dan Gomes
          Secretary  -  Kathy Orescan
               Director  -  Robert da Costa
                Director  -  Robert de Graça



Casa de Macau Australia Launches Website Song


On behalf of the Committee, it gives us great pleasure to announce our latest initiative.

On Sunday 3rd December [2006] at the Annual Christmas Dinner in Sydney which was well attended by approximately 220 members we launched our website song – “Casa DownUnder” (www.casademacau.org.au ) exclusively written and performed by two of our very own talented members and musicians ‘extraordinaire’ – Patrick de Souza and Carlos Rosario, known as the band, ‘Rossou’ (www.rossou.net ). 

It would be greatly appreciated if you can assist with further broadcasting of this launch via your networks. 

Enjoy… some music from  ‘Aussieland’ at your leisure.

Kind Regards,

Yvonne Herrero, President, Casa de Macau Inc., Australia

[Go to their website http://www.casademacau.org.au to hear the song - Ed]

The Words to Casa DownUnder:

Casa DownUnder
So you've been traveling, traveling for a while.
Visiting places seeing new faces everyday.
You missed your friends and you miss your family,
Everything that is familiar is so far away.
Come on in Casa DownUnder,
Sit yourself down and have a drink,
Just hang around in Casa DownUnder,
Long time no see, how have you been?
Heart is longing, longing to go home.
For that day you slowly walk up the driveway.
With one tired breath, you knock on the door,
door swings wide open and somebody gently says
Come on in to Casa DownUnder,
sit yourself down and have a drink,
Just hang around in Casa DownUnder
Long time no see - how have you been?

Copyright (C) (P) RosSou 2006



CASA DE MACAU (USA) INC. Biennial Election Results

Para os devidos efeitos, venho informar os resultados das eleicões para corpos gerentes, para o bienio 12 Novembro 2006 a 11 de Novembro 2008, realizadas em 12 de Novembro de 2006, em São Leandro, Califórnia.

Presidente: Henrique Manhão Jr.

Vice-Presidente: Albertino da Rosa

Secretária: Rita Lopes

Tesoureira: Alice Luz

Directores: Irene Manhão, António Capitulé, Aida Capitulé, Rosita Lopes, Lourdes Xavier, José Xavier, Jéssica Xavier, Luiza da Roza

Com os melhores cumprimentos

Casa de Macau (USA) Inc.

Henrique J.Manhão Jr., Presidente



Project Support by Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses

The Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses (CCM), of which all the Casas de Macau form a part, associated itself recently with other institutions to accomplish diverse projects, such as the candidacy of Patuá as worldwide intangible heritage, the creation of a Fraternity of Macanese Gastronomy, and Youth Centers, projects that António Amante considers very valid because, as he stressed, they “permit community unity around common objectives.”

But, in the context of actuality, the President of Casa de Macau of Vancouver does not foresee any facilities.  “All these plans are important, but probably require some time for them to materialize,” he said, exemplifying the case of Patuá. “The original people who know how to speak Patuá are now not many.  And the younger generation who almost don’t even speak Portuguese,” how are they going to learn Patuá?” he questioned.  “It’s a very good idea to promote it, but it is not easy because very few are the people who speak the dialect.  Nevertheless we have to wait and see how the project progresses,” he said.

One of the problems which Casa de Macau of Vancouver continues to contend with is the dearth of young people, an issue shared by the remaining clubs.  “Many young people do not wish to participate in our activities, except if we did something special,” commented the leader, identifying the lack of funds as one of the principal difficulties.  According to António Amante, projects developed in the sporting area could be the solution to bringing in the young people and guaranteeing the future of the club.

(Free translation of an editorial in part dated October 31, 2006, in the Jornal Tribuna de Macau – Ed.)



Casa de Macau Vancouver Interviewed on Clubhouse Funds

Despite the President of Casa de Macau in Vancouver, António Amante, having reported a slight rapprochement between the two Vancouver clubs in the sixth most populous city in Canada, the truth is that the two Casas de Macau have not arrived at a basic agreement on the application of the 7 million Macau patacas [about US$1 million] presently in the custody of the Fundação Macau [for the purchase of a clubhouse].  Without an agreement, the decision should be to divide the funds, a solution that even so would probably please neither “Greeks nor Trojans.” So opined Pedro Manuel Ribeiro and Tiago Azevedo in an editorial in the Jornal Tribuna de Macau dated October 31, 2006.

The seven million patacas were made available at the time of Governor Rocha Vieira, but never left Macau due to a lack of consensus between the two Casas.  According to António Amante, whenever the clubs attempted to reach agreement on the use of the funds – which was for the acquisition of a clubhouse in common– the negotiations “always failed.”  “They wanted 70 percent of the funds, leaving us only 30 percent,” added Amante, who is also the President of the Associação de Empresários Macaenses do Canadá (Association of Macanese Businessmen of Canada), stressing that that was a discriminatory attitude because Macau recognized both clubs.”

At this moment, and because the deadline for releasing the funds – fixed for November – is fast approaching, Casa de Macau Vancouver says it had reached an agreement with Fundação Macau for half of the frozen funds.  “As soon as the final details are worked out we will receive 3.5 million patacas, which corresponds to half of the funds in the custody of Fundação Macau,” António Amante said to Jornal Tribuna de Macau, adding that the agreement was reached with the President himself, Victor Ng.

That way, there will be no common clubhouse for the two associations, because their executive managements did not arrive at an accord.  Nevertheless, António Amante gives his assurance that the funds will not be lost.  “It is clear that I accepted the suggestion of Victor Ng on the division of the funds, promising that I would acquire a site for the new club, which cannot be sold, he emphasized.  However, the position of the executive committee of the Macau Cultural Association of Western Canada is not known, António Amante affirming that possibly they would disagree with the division.

On the fact that this measure might divide the Macanese community in Vancouver, the President of Casa de Macau refutes any negative scenario, saying that, despite the existence of two Casas in Vancouver, which even have different forms of activities, the truth is that there are Macaenses who are members of both clubs, and if there exists any divisiveness it is between the managements of the two Casas and not in the hearts of the members of the community.

(Free translation of an editorial dated October 31, 2006, in the Jornal Tribuna de Macau – Ed.)



Casa de Macau Club, Vancouver, Invitation to Mass Celebration




 Proudly invites All Macanese, Family and Friends to an Invitation to Join in a Mass Celebration to honor Our Lady and Mother Patroness of Macaenses Communities at Holy Family Church, 

32nd Avenue / Beatrice, Vancouver, on the 9th December, 2006, Saturday at  5.00 PM

 Those interested are all welcomed to join in a Chinese Dinner Buffet afterward, place and restaurant to be advised, for a Family and Friends gathering reunion.

Hope to see You All and God Bless You.

 António Amante

President, Casa de Macau Club and AMB of Western Canada, Vancouver.



Casa de Macau no Toronto – Portuguese Cooking Champs?

April in Portugal is a festa celebrated annually by Casa de Macau no Toronto.  As 1st Vice President and co-Editor Gloria Soares Anok described their 2006 party, her club would seem to have a strong claim to the title Champions of Authentic Portuguese Cuisine among the Macaense diaspora .  Here’s what she said they served on that occasion:

“As starters, Caldo Verde, made by Chappy and Marie-Cecile Remedios and Pastéis de Bacalhau which their former Portuguese teacher made.  Following the starters, members were treated to a variety of authentic Portuguese dishes prepared by the Casa’s own ‘chefs’. There were: two kinds of Baked Bacalhau dishes prepared by Marie Camille Gonsalves and Barbara Baptista; Dobrada prepared by Cacilda Ribeiro; Feijoada prepared by Lourenço Conceição; Galinha com Cerveja prepared by Isabel Gomes da Silva, and Porco à Alentejana prepared by Virginia Sanchez.  As if that were not enough, added to the menu was BBQ Chicken and Roasted Mini Potatoes ordered from a churrasqueria.  Those who paced themselves could enjoy a selection of: Pudim Flan, thanks to Cecilia Conceição; Bread Pudding and Cake, thanks to Americo Sousa; Coconut Pudding from Clare Soares, Arroz Doce and several Tortas de Amêndoa à moda Albufeira prepared by President Monica Alves.”

They only wished they had larger premises as this would enable them to draw in the younger generation and to do some of the cooking at the clubhouse, which they cannot inasmuch as it is in a commercial building which has no outside vent.  So the cooking is done at home and then reheated at the clubhouse.  Our little "hole in the wall," which Gloria calls their clubhouse, limits attendance to 60 (sometimes 65), she said.  [Be grateful, Gloria.  Look what’s happening over in Western Canada and California!].  However, they do manage to hold regular theme events featuring mostly FM dishes.  Overcrowded or not, those attending April in Portugal 2006 enjoyed a scrumptious meal and as usual had great fun.  See for yourself - click on the thumbnail pictures below for some full-sized photos taken on that occasion.




Casa de Macau, Vancouver, Canada 2007-2009 Election Results

President                       António Alberto Carlos Amante
Senior Vice President      Mónica de Carvalho
2nd Vice President          Edwina Shuster
Secretary                       Cathy Fung
Treasurer                        Charles Curry
Parliamentarian               Aleixa Haslam

Socials:                         Pat de Albuquerque - Special Events
                                     Rebecca Amante - Tea Party / Functions
                                     Rowena Tan - Culinary Co-ordinator

Seniors:                         Cathy Fung / Isabel Jorge Ma
Phoning:                        Maria King / Margie Rozário
Membership:                  Mónica de Carvalho

Editor:                           Edwina Shuster
Webmaster:                  Mike Guterres

Casa Address: Northside P.O. Box 78087
Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
V3B 7H5
Tel. (604) 218-1115
Fax (604) 464-0177
Email: bebe_aca@msn.com


Unity Celebration of Sixth Anniversary of RAEM

The Sixth Anniversary of the Região Administrativa Especial de Macau (RAEM) was celebrated at the Full Moon Seafood Restaurant in Oakland on April 8, 2006, by members of Lusitano Club of California, Casa de Macau USA, and União Macaense Americana (UMA), and by the Macau Cultural Center.  The party was hosted by Nuno Prata da Cruz and Henrique Manhão, President and Vice President respectively of the Associação dos Empresários Macaenses da Califórnia, and funded in part by the Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses, José Manuel de Oliveira Rodrigues, President.

As can be seen from the following photographs a cross-section of the Macanese community was well represented.  A total of 120 people attended and joined in a toast proposed to Edmund Ho Hau-wah, Chief Executive Officer of the RAEM.

(L-R standing) António Jorge da Silva, President, Macau Cultural Center,and Penny Jorge da Silva; Yvonne Ozório; Maria João da Cruz; Eduardo Collaço, President, Portugal-Macau Institute of America; Albertino da Rosa, Vice President, Casa de Macau, and Luiza da Rosa; António Amante, President, Casa de Macau, Vancouver, Canada; Irene Manhão and Henrique Manhão, Treasurer, Casa de Macau USA; José Xavier and Maria Lourdes Xavier, Directors, Casa de Macau USA; Horácio Ozório, Editor, DiasporaMacaense.org Website; Maria Roliz, President, Lusitano Club of California; Alex Xavier, President, UMA, and Maureen Xavier. (Crouching) Nuno Prata da Cruz, Secretary, Lusitano Club of California.

(L-R) António Jorge da Silva, Robert da Costa, UMA Past President, Maria Roliz, Lourdes Maria Xavier, Alex Xavier, Nuno Prata da Cruz, Henrique Manhão proposing the toast to CEO Edmund Ho Hau -wah, Eduardo Collaço, António Amante, Horácio Ozório, Laura Basaloco Lapo, Attorney for Associação dos Empresários Macaenses da Califórnia, and Teresita Roliz, Vice President, Lusitano Club of California.



Lusitano Club Goes After Young Descendents

Lusitano Club of California organized a get-together of Macaense community youths over the weekend of March 18, 2006, at the Clayton Valley Bowling Center in Concord, California, and it turned out to be a very animated affair.

The objective of the meet was to reinforce the ties between the different Macanese generations, in an attempt to attract children of the older generation to join Lusitano Club, which, as against their counterparts, is the club that has the greatest number of young members.

The event offered an afternoon of liveliness and fun for the members and their families, and attracted many newcomers who appreciated  the “pizza” and refreshments provided by the club.

Ten-pin bowling is a very popular sport among Macanese youngsters and many showed themselves to be extremely proficient at it, and as well in lawn bowls.  The sport in this case was the motive for the get-together.

The general feeling among the young people was that the event “permitted us to know each other better since on a day-to-day basis we are far apart from each other whether it is where we live or where we study or work;  and, at the same time, allows us to exchange ideas for other social and cultural activities within the club.”

Henrique Manhão [who is the Casa de Macau USA Treasurer] is a member of one of the families with the most roots in Macau, and explained to Jornal Tribuna de Macau the importance of drawing in the younger generation to the clubs.  “For the Macanese clubs, the introduction of new blood is fundamental to their survival,” and he added that this fact “is also very important to the younger generations themselves, because in the context of the American reality in which they live, they tend to lose their cultural references to their origins, which would not be good.”

Lusitano Club of California already has new initiatives in preparation, some originating from ideas suggested by the youths in the afternoon’s get-together.

(Free translation of an article appearing in Jornal Tribuna de Macau dated March 20, 2006 – Ed)



2006 Elections – Casa de Macau, São Paulo, Brasil

Elections for officers for the next two years took place February 5, 2006.  More than 270 persons attended, 240 of whom were electors.  The following were elected:

Júlio “Totó” Augusto Airosa Branco - Presidente

Maria Edite Guerreiro Sales Ritchie - Vice Presidente

Rogério dos Passos Dias da Luz  - Secretário Geral.

António Vaz Placé - Director Financeiro

Alice Noronha Airosa Álvaro - Directora Social

L-R:  Alice. Totó, Edite and Rogério. Absent: António

Also elected were the following:

Conselho Consultivo - Armando Jesus Sales Ritchie, Herculano Alexandre Airosa and João Bosco Quevedo da Silva. 

Conselho Fiscal - Aníbal Cardoso Joaquim, Maria Inês Anastácio da Luz e Roque Rui Rosa Branco.



Lusitano Club of California - 2006 Calendar of Annual Events

Saturday, Jan 28th        Annual General Meeting &

Chinese New Year Dinner, Foster City

Saturday, March 19th    Meet & Greet, Walnut Creek

Saturday, April 29th       Annual Clambake, Beresford Park, San Mateo

Saturday, May 13th       Parents Day Dinner Dance

                                    Tong’s Palace, San Francisco

Saturday, June 10th      Dia de Portugal Festival, Kelley Park, San Jose

June 30, July 1 & 2       Family Camping Trip, Lake Amador

Saturday, July 8th         Annual Picnic, Beresford Park, San Mateo

August – to be announced   Casino/Cha Gordo/Business Network Mix

                                    330 Ritch Street, San Francisco

Saturday, Sept 23rd       Cache Creek Casino Day Trip

Oct 3-17                       Portugal Trip (Email m_roliz@Yahoo.com for  details)                  

Saturday, Dec 9th         Annual Christmas Party, Elks Lodge, San Mateo


2006-2007 Lusitano Club of California - Board of Directors

President:                     Maria Roliz

Vice President:              Teresa Roliz

Treasurer:                     Dorothy Oliveira

Secretary:                     Nuno Prata da Cruz

Directors:                      Michael Carion, Maria João da Cruz, Ken Harper

                                    Kirk Harper, Leo Xavier, Melissa Xavier, Virginia




2005/2006 Election Results - Casa de Macau Inc. Australia

Yvonne Herrero, President of Casa de Macau Inc., Australia, advises that the results of their 11th Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 17th September, 2005, were as follows:

Committee for Year 2005/2006


·         President                     Yvonne Herrero

·         Vice President             Therese Alonco

·         Secretary                     Mary Rigby

·         Treasurer                     Maria Callaghan

·         Deputy Secretary         Antonieta Manolakis

Committee Members:

·         Rogerio Fernandes

·         Marcus Gutierrez

·         Jose Carlos da Silva

·         Henrique Barros

Also, their newsletter is now available in their website: www.casademacau.org.au



Casa de Macau em Portugal Launches New Website

By Horácio Ozório – October 3, 2005

Courtesy of Gilbert Wells, a member of Casa de Macau in Portugal, I received copy of a circular sent out by Casa de Macau to their members announcing the launching of a new website (um novo site) www.casademacau.pt


I immediately checked the site out and was pleasantly surprised and impressed with its excellence.  It turned out not only to be a wealth of information for Macaenses wishing to know something about the hierarchical structure, history, activities and events of Casa de Macau em Portugal, but it also serves as a reference source.

There are links to official websites of relevance to Macanese interests;  links to all the other Casas de Macau in the world;  and links to websites dedicated to Macanese affairs, including, with our thanks, our own website A Diaspora Macaense na America.

Written in Portuguese, Casa de Macau em Portugal’s new website can be very instructive to those with an interest in improving their vocabulary in and knowledge of the Portuguese language.

There are also snippets of the history of Macau on each page, an album of the founders of Casa de Macau em Portugal, and biographic data of Macanese authors and their works.

All of the above is served up with Macau Sã Assim playing in the background.  Well done, Casa de Macau.  Check it out, folks.



PRC Consulate Entertains Casa de Macau, São Paulo, Brazil

By Rogério da Luz in São Paulo

Following a tradition initiated after the transition of Macau sovereignty, the new Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in São Paulo, Brazil, Li Jiaoyun, invited the management of Casa de Macau of São Paulo to a fraternal dinner in the premises of the consulate itself.

Accompanied by her advisers and vice consuls, Consul General Li welcomed Casa de Macau, São Paulo, to a Chinese dinner specially prepared by a chef who expressly came from Beijing.

President Júlio Branco and Consul General Li Jiaoyun

President Júlio Branco thanked her for her kindness and took the opportunity to reciprocate the invitation for a visit to Casa de Macau, São Paulo.

He recalled that on the occasion of the visit of the Chief Executive Officer of the Região Administrativa Especial de Macau (RAEM), Edmund Ho, Consul General Li made an appearance at the dinner which was held in the barbecue restaurant, Churrascaria Fogo do Chão.

After the dinner, in the noble ballroom, President Júlio Branco presented a gift to Consul General Li, who told of having learned to speak Portuguese when she served in the consulate in Mozambique.  This was followed by photographs taken to record the important get-together.

(Translation of an article appearing in Jornal Tribuna de Macau dated September 23, 2005)



President of APIM in Joint Session with North America Casas

As reported to this website by Maria Roliz, President of Lusitano Club of California, a joint session was held July 26, 2005, in San Francisco between the Macaense clubs headquartered in California, namely, Lusitano Club of California, Casa de Macau USA, and União Macaense Americana (UMA), as well as the representatives of the recently formed Macau Cultural Center, and the President of the Associação Promotora para a Instrução dos Macaenses (APIM) and of the Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses (CCM) and the President of the Macau Cultural Association (Casa de Macau) of Western Canada.

L-R:  Angela Pereira, Albertino da Roza, Maria Roliz, Henrique Manhão, Robert de Graça, Teresa Roliz, Dr. José Manuel Rodrigues, Arthur Britto, Dorothy Oliveira, Alex Xavier, Sérgio Pinna

The outcome of their meeting:

1.  Acquisition of a suitable center for use by the three casas in California - a long-outstanding project that reportedly has finally become a reality through the efforts and determination of the the parties involved in the process.  It is hoped to inaugurate the center by the end of the current year.

2.  Discussed and arrived at a decision on the signing of the Protocol of Cooperation and Exchange of Culture and Youth between the APIM and the Casas de Macau in California.

3.  An installation commission was formed by the Presidents of each Casa to promote the creation of an association of Macaense businessmen of the United States of America, which subsequently will establish the necessary contacts with the Região Administrativa Especial de Macau with a view to creating a Chamber of Commerce between the businessmen of the United States and their counterparts in Macau.  So it is envisaged that exclusive space in the future Macau Cultural Center in California will be reserved for the installation of an Office of Tourism, as well as space reserved for Macau to exhibit products stamped with “Made in Macau.”







     Considering the mutual interest of their charter objectives and the establishment of concerted activities in different dominions;  and

     Having in mind the ends of promoting the exchange and cooperation at the academic, cultural and personal level, as the result of the exchange of correspondence and friendly consultations;  and

     Also the necessity of strengthening the ties of friendship and of consolidating acquaintances between the Macaense youths of the RAEM and the young descendants of Macaense residents of the United States of America

agree to honor the present protocol of cooperation and exchange of culture and youth in terms of the following:

1 – Exchange of Material

Both parties agree to effect an exchange of material in educational, cultural and linguistic and other disciplines, guaranteeing the immediate exchange of informations whenever deemed of necessity.

2 – Exchange of Persons

The APIM and Club Lusitano of California - USA will effect exchanges in personnel, namely associates, teachers, students and others.

The expenses of housing, food, subsidies during their stay will be the responsibility of the inviting party.  In relation to the preamble of this article, the number of persons the object of this exchange, and the duration of the stay, will be determined via consultations by the representatives of both parties, in conformance with necessities and possibilities.

3 – Exchange and Youth Cooperation

a)  The APIM and Lusitano Club of California – USA will make arrangements for study visits and Summer courses, such as intensive courses for improvement in the Chinese language and the Portuguese language, scholarship-holders and invited students, with a view to an Exchange and Youth Cooperation, of both parties.  When possible, the organizing party of the exchange will arrange for suitable places of work, like library, computers, and the work of researching the same.

The APIM and the Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses (CCM) will assure the expenses in connection with travel, stay and fees, as well as the respective enrollment in the academic studies of the Região Administrativa Especial de Macau (RAEM) and the República Popular da China (RPC).

b)  Both parties undertake to send annually students for the exchange of cooperation and culture and youth, in the event there are students or other parties interested in the courses outlined in 3) line a).

c) Creation of Nucleus of Macaense Youths.

The APIM will be supportive in the creation of a Nucleus of Macaense Youths in the area of Socio-Cultural and Sports in Lusitano Club of California in the United States of America.


The APIM and Lusitano Club of California USA will promote the formation of persons mentioned above in the areas of the Chinese, Portuguese and other languages, and those courses which will have in view the formation of Macaense youths in the educational and cultural area for the RAEM and for the United States of America.


The APIM will make available its library and its document center to the other party, and whomever has specific interest in the activities to develop in the scope of the present protocol.


The present protocol will have a duration of three years, it being understood that it will renew automatically if it is not renounced, with three months notice, by any of the subscribing entities.

Signed in the United States of America, in two originals, on _______ July, 2005.


Representative of The APIM                   Representative of LCC - USA


____________________                   ________________________


(The foregoing is a free translation from the Portuguese text issued by The APIM.  In case of any error in translation or divergence of meaning  between the English and Portuguese text, the Portuguese text will prevail.- Ed.)



CEO Edmund Ho Visits Casa de Macau São Paulo

The Chief Executive Officer [of the Região Administrative Especial de Macau (RAEM)] was at Casa de Macau de São Paulo [June 20, 2005] where he effusively praised the “filhos da terra.”  Edmund Ho elevated the role of the Macanese as the connecting bridge to Brazil in the “dynamization” of the RAEM.

Chief Executive Edmund Ho considers that Macau enjoys the privilege of being able to count on the Macanese, and the latter now have an historic opportunity to reinforce the positive aspects of their role in the “dynamization” of economic cooperation, at the general level, between China, Brazil and the RAEM.  Edmund Ho followed his visit day before yesterday to the city of São Paulo with a visit in the afternoon to Casa de Macau.

On that occasion, the Chief Executive, remembered the visit to the premises of Casa de Macau in 1997, on the occasion of its inauguration, recalling that many things had changed during eight years, such as Macau having become a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China in 1999, but something remained unchanged:  the feelings and blood ties that unite the Macanese and the natives of Macau.

He said he believed that the success of the labors of Casa de Macau, including the services lent to their counterparts and to Macau, deserved most respect.

He also indicated that the role of the Macanese diaspora in all corners of the world, always considered over time as of high value to Macau, had not been duly taken advantage of, perfected and profited from for various reasons.

Edmund Ho noted, moreover, that with time and historical changes, China and Brazil today have close relations which will continue to develop in the future as Macau, with the help and incentivization of the Central Government, evolves as a regional platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, to which are attached more conditions to make the most of the privileged role of the Macanese communities.

The Chief Executive said that the recently enacted Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses will be able to contribute also, in an active way, to the reinforcement of the ties between the Macanese communities spread over the world as well as support to the government of the RAE in providing different types of services, and as leader in promoting Macanese culture and the Territory.

He said he believed that the visit to São Paulo, beyond being a return to a well known city, will represent also a new starting point for increasing cooperation between the government of RAEM and the Casas de Macau in Brazil, which will certainly be taken advantage of by IPIM [Instituto de Promoção do Comércio e Investimento de Macau] in the ambit of cooperation between China/Brazil and Macau.

Macau will always be the home of the “grand Macanese family.”  If any of its members desire to return to the bosom of the family they will be welcome and can count on the total necessary support on the part of the government, Ho said.  The Chief Executive also witnessed the signing of protocols of cooperation, relative to culture and youths, between APIM [Associação Promotora para a Instrução dos Macaenses] and the Casas de Macau in São Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro.

(The above is a translation of an article appearing in Ponto Final dated June 22, 2005 – Ed.)



Tarde Macaense 2005 – Good Show!

By Horácio Ozório

It was not the vaca estufada, or the lamb curry, or the capella, or the couve com chouriço that made up the menu for the evening.  Nor was it the obvious good time enjoyed by the overflow crowd.  What made Tarde Macaense 2005 a great success was the fact that it previewed what club unity could be among Macanese of goodwill.

Firstly, it was an UMA chapter event honored by the attendance of the Presidents of Lusitano Club of California and Casa de Macau USA as well as many directors and members from those two clubs.  It was proof positive for skeptics that club unity was well within grasp.  It was what the Macanese community needed to see after years of the inability of the clubs to get along and to go along.

Secondly, the event was oversubscribed long before its scheduled date, surely a harbinger of good things to come for a community that finds itself not completely out of the doldrums of discord.  The last most notable sellout, at least in the memory of this writer, was in 1995 when the three clubs jointly hosted the Doci Papiaçam di Macau troupe of vaudevillians in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tarde Macaense 2005 was a presentation by the Greater East Bay Chapter of UMA, a felicitous collaborative effort by the East Bay and the Contra Costa Chapters which recently merged to form the Greater East Bay Chapter.  Robert de Graça, its president, and his team are to be congratulated for staging this heartwarming celebration of peace and friendship.

On a not-so-happy note, however, scuttlebutt has it that this could be the last time a Tarde Macaense will gladden the hearts of the many in the community.  Why?  Because the volunteers who so admirably put on Tarde Macaense 2005 are the same people called upon every year to do the work every time there is a club event.  They are burned out and now feel that it is time in all                 Robert de Graça    fairness for others to show their prowess in the cozinha.  Efforts in previous years to enlist new volunteers have usually fallen on deaf ears.  The demise of the Tarde Macaense event must not be allowed to happen, particularly after the sparkling success of this year’s Tarde Macaense.  This is the more so since the Macau Cultural Center has finally been incorporated after all these years, and the Macaense community is on the eve of a unity that has long eluded it.



“Double Celebration” with Casa de Macau, Vancouver.

(By Miguel Da Roza, President, Casa de Macau, Vancouver)

 On April 16th,2005, the Casa de Macau in Vancouver, Canada, held a “double celebration” to mark the 5th anniversary of the Regiao Administrativa Especial de Macau and their own Casa’s 10th anniversary.

Honorary guests were Madam Tian Chunyan, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China and Mr Jiang Yan, Vice-Consul and Mr. Joao Luiz Laranjeira de Abreu, Consul General, Republic of Portugal. Mrs. Maria Roliz, President, Lusitano Club of California, U.S.A. was also present for the festivities.

In his speech, Casa President, Miguel Da Roza, highlighted Macau’s accomplishments in the 5 years since the handover. Tourism and revenue have increased, GDP is at its highest level ever, construction and building starts continue to increase and, most importantly, unemployment is at a record low. He went on to say, that these successes are largely due to RAEM’s Chief Executive, Dr. Edmund Ho Hau Wah, who has put Macau on the world's platform. Through his support of the Encontro’s in Macau, the Chief Executive has continued to show he is very supportive of the Macanese in Macau and indeed throughout the Diaspora worldwide.

Mr. Da Roza also wished to thank Dr. Edmund Ho for his support of our Casa and on behalf of all our members, expressed congratulatory wishes to him and all of the residents of Macau.

 He then went on to speak about the Casa’s 10th anniversary, saying “In 1995 our

founding members laid the roots and cornerstone for this social club so that

we could foster and encourage ties to the land of our forefathers while encouraging our youth, our children, to share in this unique blending of cultures. Over the years, our members have participated enthusiastically in many local multicultural events and

activities, thereby contributing to the spreading of its good name” He also thanked all the members and volunteers for their time and sacrifices and encouraged them to

continue to build the Casa through expansion of their member base.



Left to Right: António Amante, VP-CDM, Rebecca Amante, Director-CDM, Madam Tian Chun-yan, Consul of China, Mrs. Maria Roliz, President, Lusitano Club, João Luis Laranjeira de Abreu, Consul of Portugal, Mrs. Nancy Laranjeira de Abreu, Miguel Da Roza, President-CDM, & Mr. Jiang Yang, Vice-Consul of China.



Lusitano Club of California President’s Spring Message


As far as the Club goes, the year 2005 looks promising! Our dreams for a Macau Cultural Center in the Bay Area are about to materialize. A board of nine directors (three representatives each from Lusitano, Casa de Macau and UMA) has been elected for this newly incorporated Macau Cultural Center.  This new board will work independently of our clubs and will be dedicating their efforts in doing the necessary arrangements and negotiations so that soon we can set foot into our own Macau Cultural Center. It has been a pleasure in working with Casa de Macau USA and UMA to achieve this goal.


In a few weeks, we will be approaching the end of our 2004-2005 term. Some of the directors will be stepping down as new directors will be joining us providing our members with another year of events. I would like to take this opportunity to commend on an extraordinary job done by our current Board of Directors, our Editor, and all our volunteers that made this term such a notable, entertaining and fun-filled one. They get there early and stay late to ensure everything goes well.

Without their hard work, dedication and ideas brought forth and accomplished as a team, we would not have been able to offer these functions and activities: Annual Clambake, Annual Picnic, Christmas Party, Dia de Portugal Food Fair, River Rock Casino Day Trip, Macanese Cooking Contest, Youth Meet and Greets party, Welcoming Party for our Brasilian visitors, Autumn Dance, Macau guest speakers at UC Berkeley, our first joint New Year's Eve Dance, and the 2004 Macau Encontro with side trips to Hong Kong, Thailand, and Shanghai.

Please, next time you come to a Lusitano function and have a great time, let them know what a good job they've been doing!

Kudos also to our Youth Committee who has been doing an exceptional job through their Meet and Greets and youth activities resulting in the increase of youth participation and interest from our community. Let us continue to work in harmony and support for our future and that of our children and grandchildren.

Thank you.

Maria C. Roliz


Casa de Macau USA Inc., 2005 Election Results

Arthur Britto, President
Albertino da Roza, Vice President
Ângela Pereira, Secretary
Henrique Manhão Treasurer



Casa de Macau in São Paulo Looks to its Future

Looking to secure its future, Casa de Macau in São Paulo is in the process of creating a commission comprising members of the younger generation preliminary to establishing a junior board of directors.  Among various initiatives, Casa de Macau also launched a campaign to bring back former members.

The idea is to charge the junior board of directors with responsibility to organize vocational activities for young members.  This strategy to ensure the club’s future was studied by the President of Casa de Macau in São Paulo and by a group of young members at a working meeting that recently took place.

For Rogério da Luz, Secretary General of Casa de Macau in São Paulo, this meeting not only contributes to the accomplishment of an April 2004 election campaign promise but also conforms to a goal written into the statutes of the new Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses to captivate members at the junior levels of the diaspora.

(The above culled from an article in the March 21, 2005, issue of the Jornal Tribuna de Macau. - Ed.)



Incorporation of Macau Cultural Center, Board of Directors Formed

Statement by the President of Macau Cultural Center, March 1, 2005

The Macau Cultural Center (MCC) was incorporated on February 16, 2005.  A Board of Directors consisting of nine (9) members, three (3) from each club (Casa de Macau, UMA, Inc., and Lusitano Club of California) have taken office.

António M. Jorge da Silva           President

Alexander Xavier                       Vice President

Maria Roliz                                Chief Financial Officer

Teresa Roliz                              Secretary

Eduardo de Assis

Arthur Britto

Robert De Graça

Henrique Manhão

Lourdes Osorio Xavier

The MCC was incorporated following an agreement by the three clubs to actively locate and purchase a building for a cultural center as directed by the “grant “ letter dated 20.09.99 from Fundação para a Cooperação e Desenvolvimento de Macau (FCDM).  Please be assured we have not formed a fourth club; the building will be available for all the functions and activities of the three existing clubs.  This agreement removed the burden of extensive discussion and decision making by the multitude of directors of the three clubs that resulted in an impasse for 5 years since the grant money was received.  This union fulfills the intent of the FCDM, yet the MCC will operate independently from the Clubs to serve the Macanese community in California and the United States of America.

The MCC will serve to promote and preserve the history, culture and heritage of the Macanese people.  It will work with other foundations and organizations worldwide to these ends.

The Macanese people have a rich heritage to hand down to our descendants and share with the rest of the world.  Much has been written to preserve the history of Macau, its patois and related literature, but not enough done to recognize and remember the Macanese of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Treaty Ports.  The MCC will endeavor to contribute to that wealth.

A library will be installed to house the books the Clubs have been given over the years.  Macanese artists, artisans, musicians, scholars and others who go unknown in our community deserve recognition.  The Cultural Center will offer opportunities to feature their work.  Artwork by Macanese artists, if loaned or donated, will be displayed, as will historical artifacts when those are collected.  Our cuisine is unique and social/cultural functions will allow us to share in that wealth.  Cooking and language classes to teach Portuguese and Chinese will be among the educational programs we intend to promote.

The three clubs will use the Cultural Center for their meetings and club functions they manifest.  The MCC will seek to sponsor specific social functions such as Chá Gordo, New Year’s Eve dance and other such events to be determined by the Board of Directors.  This will include functions of our community in Southern California.

The MCC will strive to unify and restructure the 3 clubs to merge them into one single entity.  The incorporation of the Macau Cultural Center is a major step toward unification as it moves toward joint functions, and when the building is purchased, the provision of a center for all to meet in friendship and share in our common bond.

The MCC looks for support from our community; it is for them and future generations of Macanese descendants that the Center will exist.  The MCC will be looking to foundations and organizations that are interested in our culture to lend us support, financially, educationally and in the spirit of cooperation.  Slowly, as we can afford it, through donations or otherwise, the Center will be one that the Macanese and their descendants will be proud of.  Macau and the Macanese will, at last, have a place to affirm their history and culture in the United States of America.

Antonio M. Jorge da Silva




JTM Interviews President of Casa de Macau USA2-16-05

Setting aside their old differences, the three California Macanese clubs started the Lunar Year of the Rooster auspiciously, reaching agreement on the creation of a cultural center.  This long felt want should materialize this year, the President of Casa de Macau USA revealed to Jornal Tribuna de Macau.

The three Macanese clubs in California reached a good understanding, putting aside all the disagreements, misunderstandings, and impediments, emphasized Henrique Manhão, congratulating them for seeing that good sense overcame all obstacles.

According to the President of Casa de Macau USA, each of the three clubs named three trustees who will become responsible for the administration and management of the cultural center, the inauguration of which should take place during the current year.  The cultural center will have conference rooms, an ample kitchen, a library and a hall for festivities, the clubs having made a bid for the acquisition of a building located on Harrison Street in Oakland in a nice location near Lake Merritt.

For Henrique Manhão, the solution to the big problem represented by the discord over the acquisition of premises for a common headquarters is due essentially to the intervention of Comendador Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales, President of Club Lusitano of Hong Kong, Jorge Rangel, President of Instituto Internacional de Macau, José Manuel Rodrigues, President of APIM, Gabriela César, of the Delegação Económica e Comercial da RAEM in Portuugal, and José Luis Sales Marques, member of the Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses.

The differences which long divided União Macaense Americana, Lusitano Club of California and Casa de Macau USA hindered the creation of a cultural center so demanded by the Macanese living in that North American state, and not even the agreement in principle arrived at by the leaders of the three clubs in the RAEM – in November of 2003, during the preparatory meeting of the Comunidades Macaenses –had been enough to resolve the problem definitively.

At this point, Henrique Manhão remembered that he had pointed out that a great distance lies between words and action in which to manifest any reservations on the feasibility of the platform of accord then celebrated.  “Even though there exists friendship among the members of the three clubs, the misunderstandings at the management level still constitute a problem.”  That is why, Henrique Manhão told JTM, it is still difficult to set in motion a concrete plan of understanding.

The truth is it was necessary to wait more than one year for the directors of the clubs to return to smoke the peace pipe, in a definitive way, according to all indications.


Three California Macaense Clubs Form Cultural Center




A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation


The name of this corporation is Macau Cultural Center, Inc.


This corporation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person.  It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public purposes.  The purpose of this corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under such laws.


The specific purposes of this corporation are:

                        1)         To take custody of the funds now held in trust at Charles Schwab and to use those and other funds to purchase, construct, remodel, operate, and maintain a building or center hereafter called the Macau Cultural Center for the Macanese community in accordance with the terms of the grant specified in a letter from our benefactors in Macau: Fundação para a Cooperação e o Desenvolvemento de Macau, dated September 20, 1999.

                        2)         To preserve the history, culture, and heritage of the Macanese people.

                        3)         To educate members of the Macanese community about their Portuguese and Macanese history, language, literature, art, music, and foods through various social, cultural, sporting, and educational events.

                        4)         To work closely and in unity with other groups and organizations that promote and preserve the history, culture, and heritage of the Macanese people.

                        5)         To strive towards the unification of Casa De Macau USA, Inc., Lusitano Club of California, Inc., and UMA, Inc., with the intent to merge them into one entity.


The name and address in the State of California of this corporation’s initial agent for service of process is:

Maria Roliz

564 Market Street, Suite 715

San Francisco, CA 94104-5415


This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(4).


The net earnings and property of this corporation are irrevocably dedicated to charitable, educational, recreational, or other social welfare purposes, and no part of the net income or assets of this corporation shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer, or member, or to the benefit of any private person.


Upon the dissolution or winding up of the corporation, its assets remaining after payment, or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of this corporation shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation, or organization that is organized substantially for social welfare purposes for the benefit of the Macanese community.  The distribution of funds first must comply with the laws and provisions of the State of California before any funds are transferred out of the state to other organizations.


The board of directors shall consist of nine, three (3) from each of the clubs, namely Casa De Macau USA, Inc., Lusitano Club of California, Inc., and UMA, Inc.  The qualifications and powers of each director, and the manner in which directors shall be chosen and removed from office, shall be as stated in the bylaws.


The selection of directors, the terms to be served by directors, and the regulation of the internal affairs of the corporation shall be governed by the corporation’s bylaws.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being the incorporators of MACAU CULTURAL CENTER, INC., have executed these Articles of Incorporation on February 12, 2005.

Arthur Britto, Incorporator

Robert De Graça, Incorporator

Antonio M. Jorge da Silva, Incorporator

Teresa Roliz, Incorporator



Maria Roliz to Represent the Casas de Macau of the World.

Maria Roliz, President of Lusitano Club of California, seen here standing with her colleagues upon her being elected 2nd Vice President of the Conselho Geral, an executive committee of the newly constituted Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses.

Left to right - Carlos Coelho, Neto Valente, Leonel Alves (President), Armando Ritchie (4th VP), Maria Roliz (2nd VP), Gabriel Azedo (1st VP), António Conceição (3rd VP), Sebastião da Rosa (Secretary), Dr. Luiz Amado Viseu



Casa de Macau, Sao Paulo, will attend Encontro 2004

Good news!  As announced in Projecto Memória Macaense, the website of Rogério da Luz of São Paulo, Brazil, forty-two persons will be going to Encontro 2004 in Macau under the aegis of Casa de Macau, São Paulo, Brazil.  Their attendance was for a while questionable in the light of the high cost of air fare and the last devaluation of the Brazil currency unit, which were factors in their failure to attend Encontro 2001, as was the terrorist attack on the United States of America on September 11, 2001.

However, thanks to the understanding and support of the Comissão Organizadora, thanks to the efforts of the directorate of Casa de Macau, São Paulo, thanks to the support received from other Casas on the occasion of the Encontro 2004 Preliminary Meeting, and thanks to the publicity given in the website and in the Macau press to their travel difficulties, São Paulo will make it to Encontro 2004, acknowledged Projecto Memória Macaense.



The Portuguese Club in Hudson, Massachusetts, is Nearing Completion

By Carolyn Kessel Stewart / News Staff Writer, October 5, 2004

HUDSON -- A cathedral ceiling lit by a chandelier will mark the entrance of the $5 million Portuguese Club, which will host weddings, festivals, conferences and indoor sporting events.

The 32,000-square-foot steel construction function hall is close to completion, according to club chairman Tony Chaves, who said the club is booking weddings for this winter.  The Port Street hall is being built next to the existing, smaller club, which will be torn down.  

On the first floor there is a public lounge, a members lounge, a game room, space for classrooms, a computer room and a library, an indoor gymnasium and a kitchen.

The second floor is grand, with floor-to-ceiling windows, a long balcony looking out over the picturesque Assabet River, and space for a typical Portuguese wedding, or pop concert. "We are going to have the best view," he said.

"In the Portuguese community, there are often weddings for over 500 people," Chaves said. The upstairs can host up to three functions with as many as 650 people.

In the past, the club's most popular festivals, such as those celebrating the Holy Ghost and Our Lady of Fatima, were held outdoors and bands played into the night, sometimes to the disruption of neighbors. Soon the bands will play indoors, and guests can mingle in and out of doors, Chaves said.

Chaves and others in the club are hoping the facility will attract the Portuguese community from throughout the state.  "It's going to be a great complement to the area," Chaves said. "I think it's a facility that is unique in Hudson and probably unique in the area."

The club still needs to raise another $1 million, Chaves said, and is looking to corporate sponsorships. Contributions may be made to the Portuguese Club of Hudson, P.O. Box 246, Hudson, MA 01749, or by calling the club at 978-568-1541.

(The foregoing is a relay  by Angela Costa of Angela’s List – Ed.)



Casa de Macau no Canada, Toronto, Election Results

Casa de Macau no Canada, Toronto, held their elections at their annual general meeting on September 19, 2004, and advise that “an 'all-female' executive was installed.”

President:         Monica Alves

1st VP:             Gloria Soares Anok

2nd VP:            Marie-Cecile Remedios

Treasurer:         Barbara Jude Baptista

Secretary:         Helena Barradas

A Diaspora Macaense na America extends to these ladies its best wishes for a successful turn at the helm.



The Associations of California Support CCM

The presidents of the three Macaense associations in California support the establishment of the Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses (CCM) in conformity with the new version of the bylaws, Henrique Manhão, President of Casa de Macau USA, assured Jornal Tribuna de Macau.

That thus clarifies the position of União Macaense Americana, Lusitano Club da Califórnia and Casa de Macau USA, the three Macaense associations based in the United States, whose presidents, respectively Roberto da Costa, Maria Roliz and Henrique Manhão, verbally guaranteed in unequivocal form their support of the bylaws project of the CCM revised in June.

As explained to Jornal Tribuna de Macau by Henrique Manhão, that support for the constitution of the CCM, in the mold as proposed, was even manifested to José Manuel Rodrigues, President of the Comissão Organizadora do Encontro de 2004, by Nuno da Cruz and Artur Brito during the meeting in Vancouver in which they represented Lusitano Club da Califórnia and Casa de Macau USA respectively.

Despite Casa de Macau in Vancouver having echoed some discontent, allegedly expressed in the meeting which brought together the Macaense associations of North America, Henrique Manhão emphasized that both Nuno Cruz and Artur Brito did not present in Canada any suggestion with a view to alteration of the new version of the bylaws of the CCM.

The Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses being headquartered in Macau, the participation of Macaense associations and clubs came only to reinforce the position of the “próprios” Macaenses,” maintained the President of Casa de Macau USA.

The associations of California highlight also the importance of the role which has been played by Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses (APIM) remembering that, after the transfer of sovereignty, APIM continued to organize the Encontros das Comunidades Macaenses and became the intermediary between the Diáspora and the RAEM government.

Henrique Manhão still remembers that in 1993, in the first meeting of the presidents of the Casas de Macau of the Diáspora – organized by Lourenço Conceição – António Braga, ex-President of Casa de Macau da Austrália, presented a plan for the creation of a Federation of the Casas de Macau which was deserving of unanimous approval.

Unfortunately, there was no follow up.  This great task is now upto APIM to establish the Conselho das Comunidades Macaense, which is a great necessity for the Macaenses, emphasized the President of Casa de Macau USA.

(The foregoing is a free translation of an article appearing in the September 25, 2004 issue of Jornal Tribuna de Macau. – Ed.)



Lusitano Club of California Participates in Dia de Portugal 2004

The Portuguese Heritage Society of California will be holding a Dia de Portugal Festival 2004 celebration on Sunday, June 13th from 10 am to 8 pm. The festival will be held at History Park San Jose (Kelley Park), 1650 Senter Road, San Jose, CA.

Lusitano Club of California will feature a food booth (for the 6th year).

Volunteers are welcome.  Contact Maria Roliz at (415) 990-5534.

For more details visit www.diadeportugal.com and www.portuguesemuseum.org.




Dear Family and Friends:

I am writing to inform you of my re-appointment as Vice President of the Lusitano Club of California,Inc. for the year 2004.  As many of you may or may not be aware, Lusitano Club of California, Inc. is a non-profit organization focusing on our Portuguese-Macaense culture and heritage.  Our mission statement is to preserve the history, culture and heritage of the descendants of Portuguese people of the Far East, known as Macaenses; to establish and reinforce a bond between the Portuguese Macaense people from other cultural backgrounds; to educate its members in Portuguese history, language, literature, art, music and cuisine as they developed in the Mother Country, and elsewhere in the world where the Portuguese established a presence; and to promote sporting activities, and other lawful cultural activities as deemed appropriate and approved by its Board of Directors, amongst other things.

We are very proud to announce many exciting events for 2004 and beyond, specifically dedicated to our Lusitano youth community.  Lusitano has formed a youth committee for this year, which includes Board directors Kirk Harper, Melissa Xavier and myself.  Our main objective is to implement Lusitano’s mission by encouraging youth participation and membership.  I would like to take this opportunity to ask how many of you have gone as kids with your parents to social functions and have been turned off because there simply wasn’t anything for you to do?  Exactly our point!  Our committee has many ideas to keep our youths interested and to bring us closer together as a community through social, educational and sporting activities.  We would like to have separate youth functions as well as joint functions for all club members, with something for everyone.  Now is the time to get involved!

We are holding a “Meet and Greet” for the Portuguese Macaense youth 18 and over on Saturday, March 13, 2004, from 7:00pm–10:00pm at no charge for interested participants, as well new members, to get to know what our club is all about.  Kirk Harper, Lusitano Board Director, Youth Committee Chair and owner of the ever-popular 330 Ritch Street nightclub in San Francisco, has graciously offered and opened his nightclub to us for this event.  A home-cooked Macaense dinner will be served promptly at 7:00pm.

For those of you who would like to stay on when the club opens to the public after 10:00pm, 330 Ritch Street is presenting Fly with Mind Motion that evening and Kirk has also graciously offered us free admission.  Please let me know by March 8, 2004, if you would like to attend.  I can be reached via email at tjroliz@aol.com and/or via cell phone at (415) 760-5118.

Coming soon - events for our junior members 17 and under…

Very truly yours,


Vice President Lusitano Club of California



Status of the Community Center

The last word we have on the status of the anxiously awaited Macanese Community Center comes from Joe Perpetuo, Chairman of UMA’s Macau Community Center, and is reprinted from the September-October 2003 issue of the UMA Bulletin:

 “Your Cultural Center Committee along with the members from the other Casas visited a number of properties in a South San Francisco industrial park in early July.  The properties were either unaffordable or inefficiently configured for use as a clubhouse or lacked adequate fire exits.  There was no follow-up interest noted by any of the Casas for these properties.  We will continue looking and keep you updated.

 In the near future we will be consulting with an attorney specializing in non-profit tax matters to resolve certain questions and concerns that have been raised by members of this and the other Casas.  Again, we will inform you of the outcome when information becomes available.”

Updated January 2, 2004

UMA reported in its January/February 2004 Edition of the UMA Bulletin that the three clubs had met with Dr. José Manuel Rodrigues, the President of APIM, and Dra. Maria Gabriela Cesar, “author of the original grant letter to the three U.S. Casas.”  This meeting seems to have been confined to affirmations, reaffirmations, and clarification of the positions of the three clubs, and discussion of the “affordability concept.”  The only thing eye-catching was the reference made to “further funding and ‘firm’ assistance of financial support,” very alliterative if nothing else, but “too remote at this time to be considered in any financial equation to determine the affordability of any site.”

A Diaspora Macaense na America has received no word of any progress from Casa de Macau USA or Lusitano Club of America. 

The status seems to be quo.

Updated March 10, 2004

Opinion of legal counsel given to the three Macaense clubs at a joint meeting held February 12, 2004, as reported by UMA to it own directors.  A Diaspora Macaense na America has not been able to determine if the other two clubs concurred in this report or issued any report of their own.

Per capita distribution of the $2,000,000 granted by Macau, and the accrued interest – No.  Violates the terms of the grant.

Use of the funds for purposes other than a clubhouse or cultural center – No.  Violates the terms of the grant.

Disburse accrued interest on cultural events – Giving consideration to the intent of the grant, probably should not.

Once the clubhouse is purchased, and there are enough funds to cover operating costs of the building, there seems to be no impediment to funding other activities.

Leasing or renting temporarily is okay but may not fulfill the longterm intent of the grant.

If no building or site is affordable or acceptable to all three clubs, the courts should be petitioned and offered suggestions on how to resolve the problem.  There being a reference in the grant to funds reverting back to Portugal in the event of the demise of all three clubs, a California court may rule against any proposal offered and direct that the funds be sent to Portugal instead.

Discussed was the kind of exempt organization the three clubs had the option to form.  A C7 corporation is initially recommended.  Bylaws could be established with rights reserved to each club to effectively “veto” certain transactions.

It was also reported that an attempt in January to purchase a property in Oakland, unanimously deemed to meet all the requirements for a cultural center, failed due to seller withdrawal.

Updated March 31, 2004

Maria Roliz, President of Lusitano Club of California, in her incoming president’s message in the Spring 2004 issue of the Lusitano Bulletin, reported that the clubs met February 10, 2004, with their tax attorney “to clarify certain issues that have been voiced in the community.”  Of primary concern, she said, was whether interest on the $2 million received from Macau for the acquisition of premises “could be spent now,” or if “the money” could be divided among the three clubs. 

They were advised, she reported, that the $2 million “should be used, only for the purchase of a cultural center building and its maintenance;  and, only subsequent to that purchase, should the accumulated interest be spent for future cultural events, or as agreed unanimously by the three casas.”  No portion of the $2 million, they were advised, should be used for any other purpose until the primary condition of the “gift letter” is honored.  After allowing for maintenance and operating costs, she said, they are now looking for a piece of property of around $1 million. 

Roliz also reported Lusitano’s appointed MCC spokesman will be working with the Macau Cultural Center committee of the three clubs “to formulate the incorporation of a separate managing entity for this cultural center.”

Updated May 15, 2004

The Macau Cultural Center Committee met March 19, 2004.  Minutes recorded by Maria Roliz acting as secretary reported agreement on persons to draft Articles of Incorporation and bylaws; on the criteria for the building to be acquired;  on seeking corporation exemption status;  on the composition of the Board of Directors;  and on speaking restrictions at future MCC meetings;  (all of which should and could have been done years ago! – Ed.)

Happily, there was one sentence in the minutes that offered some new hope:  “It is the intent for the unification of the 3 Casas to merge into one entity.” 

Updated July 24, 2004

UMA, Inc., reported as follows in the July-August 2004 issue of its newsletter:  "Potential sites inspected:  There were no sites identified May and June and there were no meetings of the MCCC" (Macau Community Center Committee).

Lusitano Club of California reported as follows in its Summer 2004 issue of its news bulletin:  "We are still actively searching for a suitable site in the $1 million range for purchase this year.  If you come across anything that may fit the criteria per minutes from our last joint Cultural Center meeting, .....please let us know.  In the meantime, we are working on the incorporation and by-laws for our future USA Macau Cultural Center.

Updated September 23, 2004

UMA, Inc. reported in its September-October 2004 issue of its newsletter that its search for an affordable building is still continuing, and that no buildings or properties have come to its attention over the past sixty days so there have been no property viewings.  Agreement has been reached to form a new entity to take custody of the building funds and to manage the prospective Community Cultural Center.  Articles of Incorporation has been satisfactorily resolved.

Updated October 7, 2004

Maria Roliz, President of Lusitano Club of California, in the Fall 2004 issue of the Lusitano Bulletin, reports progress having been made by a “joint building committee” of the three Macanese clubs “towards the articles of incorporation for an entity, the Macau Cultural Center Inc. (MCC), to acquire, own and operate the cultural center.”  The draft of the agreement is being forwarded to a tax attorney cum CPA for review.

A Board of Trustees will be formed, consisting of nine members, three each from the three clubs.  All funds under the present joint account at Charles Schwab will be transferred to MCC, Inc. upon its incorporation.  MCC, Inc. will not replace the three existing clubs, “although each club has agreed to uniting under a single entity at some point.”[Emphasis added - Ed.]

Raquel Remedios, who is on UMA’s MCC committee as well as being a member of Lusitano Club of California, and who has run a successful real estate business for thirty years, “told us that she has several realtors looking for properties.”  Maria Roliz did not say where in the San Francisco Bay Area these realtors would be conducting their search, but urged all to “contact us if there is a viable piece of property in the $1 million range that may be suitable for our purchase and use.”

Updated October 30, 2004

At UMA's annual general meeting Joe Perpetuo provided an update.  He said that an affordable property could not be found at this time and urged everyone to continue looking. He elaborated on the matter of possible distribution of funds from the $2.2 million as well as on the tax liability.  Neil Xavier "questioned the ambiguous opinion of the attorney and suggested that the issue first be resolved internally within the Board."  Maria Roliz, President of Lusitano Club of California, fielded questions on her club's position and the "members were satisfied we were on the right track."

Updated February 15, 2005

On February 12, 2005, it was announced that a bid had been made for a building near Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, and that a board of trustees has been created to manage the Macau Cultural Center.  Articles of Incorporation have been jointly signed.  For further details, click on Homeland News "A Celebration of Unity."

Updated March 1, 2005

Statement by Tony Jorge da Silva, President, Macau Cultural Center:  We did make an offer for a building in Oakland but after doing some research on the City's requirements we may have to put too much money to bring the building up to Code and  the change of use classification it requires.  We may be dropping out, but the seller's real estate agent asked us to wait for a couple of days which we have agreed to do.  Meanwhile we are keeping our eyes open for suitable property.

Updated June 3, 2005.

The Oakland property near Lake Merritt indeed required too much money to bring it up to code.  May 13, 2005, a bid was made for a two-storey building in Fremont, subject to certain provisos.  It turned out that changing the use of the street level floor from its current use as a retail store, installing an elevator, and bringing non-conforming fire exits up to existing building codes, which will require structural and foundation changes, will result in prohibitive additional costs, and render this property beyond the budget agreed upon by the Macau Cultural Center directors.

Updated August 4, 2005

Statement dated August 1 by Maria Roliz, President of Lusitano Club of California, in addendum to Summer 2005 issue of Lusitano Bulletin:

Exciting News - Macau Cultural Center Building Purchased

Great News!  I am extremely pleased to announce that our dream of having a Macau Cultural Center is finally a reality.  After a lengthy review, our Macau Cultural Center Board acquired a property in the historic Niles downtown area of Fremont.  We will be renovating the building and we will keep you advised of its progress as well as the date of the Grand Opening.  We would like to extend our gratitude to all who have been involved in this project from the beginning.  I join everyone in our community in looking forward to upcoming functions and gatherings in our new Cultural Center.

Updated September 29, 2005

In the just-released July/September 2005 issue of UMA News Bulletin by Daniel R. Gomes, Editor, we are provided with a few more details of the building purchased in Fremont for use as the Macau Cultural Center.  It is a three-storey “very old” brick building of “sound” construction requiring “a great deal of ‘costly’ renovation and updating” before it can be used by the community. The 1st floor has 3,312 sq. ft. of retail space, the 2nd floor has 3,333 sq.ft. of “open banquet space,” while the 3rd floor has 1,414 sq.ft. of office space. 

Hearsay has it that in a recent visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, the President of APIM, José Manuel Rodrigues, undertook to approach the Chief Executive of the RAEM, Edmund Ho, for funds amounting to $135,000 to help in the renovation of the building.  No recent report has been forthcoming from the President of the Macau Cultural Center on the status of the project.


Updated November 13, 2005

In the just-released Fall 2005 edition of the Lusitano Bulletin, the following further information on the Fremont building has been gleaned:  The building was acquired for $1,339,209.90 including fees and other charges.  There was a shortage of $135,000 to purchase it.  José Manuel Rodrigues, President of APIM, "stepped up to the plate" and "most generously committed to provide us with the needed amount..."   He also "expressed interest in leasing the ground floor of the new M.C.C. building for use as offices for the Macau-U.S.A. Chamber of Commerce..." [See Item 3 in article President of APIM in Joint Session with North America Casas above].  The building is located at 37695 Niles Boulevard.  "The M.C.C. will undertake the renovation of this old building to bring it up to a desirable condition for cultural and social use, and will manage its day-to-day operations.  The previous owner has already retrofitted the building for seismic safety, eliminating a major expense we would otherwise have had to incur to meet city safety codes...." Bids have been requested for some repairs such as fixing up leaks in the roof before the rainy season.  "We look forward to having the building up and running sometime in 2006..."

Updated November 29, 2005

Click on Overseas News to read article dated November 28 on additional funds provided by Macau for refurbishing Macau Cultural Center in Fremont, California.

Updated January 30, 2006

In the absence of any direct information provided to this Website either from officials of the three Macanese clubs or the Macau Cultural Center (MCC), we can only provide an “update” by Editor Daniel Gomes on the basis of “with what I know so far” in  the delayed Oct-Dec 2005 issue of the UMA News Bulletin.  Mr. Gomes reports that the building now has a new roof at a cost of approximately $30,000, and that architects are working on the “design specification for the renovation of the Clubhouse building.”

The minutes of the November 19, 2005, Annual General Meeting of UMA, Inc. reported in the Bulletin recorded that “the $135,000 contribution that was committed to the MCC Building by Dr. José Manuel Rodrigues of Associação Promotora para a Instrução dos Macaenses” continues to be pursued via letters written to officialdom in Macau.  A Mr. Vitor Ng of Fundação Macau, “has not yet responded as to whether they would give us the money.”  The Vice President of UMA “mentioned” that he “understands” from the President of Casa de Macau USA “that the money is on its way or will be sent soon.”  A director of an UMA Chapter was reported to be “concerned in regard to the ‘due diligence’ of the MCC Board.”  In the meantime, the MCC Building in Fremont was reported to have been “messed up with graffiti” but that “the officials of Fremont will take care of the work and expense of the clean up.”

Updated October 4, 2006

It is extremely difficult to report on what exactly is happening with the Macau Cultural Center (MCC) as it tries to get itself organized before opening its doors to the Macanese community. Unfortunately neither the MCC nor the three Macanese clubs have seen fit to advise this website of the progress made since the purchase of a building to be used as a clubhouse in the city of Fremont in 2005 , but then neither do they have any obligation to do so. One would imagine they would take advantage of the global coverage of this website to keep the Macanese world informed of their efforts. It could be that what they have to report is not pretty. Here's what we know, or what we think we know:

The building at the time of the purchase required remodeling work before it could be made operational.
The City of Fremont's Historical Architectural Review Board had requirements that had to be met since the building purchased is an Historical Building.
Contiguous merchants and neighbors had some say over what could be done with the building.
The MCC did not have the money to pay for the work to be done.
Letters have been sent out soliciting funds.
After submitting design plans for the clubhouse the pro bono architect suddenly resigned.
A second pro bono architect simultaneously withdrew his advisory services.
An outside architect was hired.
A pro bono civil and construction engineer withdrew his services.
One of the clubs actually voted on whether to sell the building.
It was explained that there is no political affiliation between the three clubs and the MCC. The MCC board of directors operates independently, it was said.
The Boards of Directors of the MCC and the three clubs have not worked together harmoniously.

A question has arisen over who owns the clubhouse. Notice these three sentences in the newsletter of one of the clubs: (1) Six directors unanimously agreed that the MCC owns and runs the building on behalf of the three USA clubs. (2) It is also understood by the directors of the MCC that the building is owned by the three USA Clubs. (3) Title of the clubhouse is in the name of the MCC. Confusing? This question would not have come up had the three clubs merged and formed one entity named Macau Cultural Center.

Unity of the three clubs has been just talk so far, but the organizational structure of the MCC has become a nightmare. Each club has contributed three of their directors to be directors on the MCC board. To which organization do they owe their loyalty? The MCC or to their own clubs? Isn't there a conflict of interest here?

Updated April 4, 2008

In the Spring 2008 issue of the UMA News Bulletin, the State Board President of UMA reports that “the plans for the renovation and refurbishment of the Macau Cultural Center building have been approved by the City of Fremont, California.  The necessary building permit has now been issued, and the Directors of the MCC have selected a contractor to begin work on March 15, 2008.  The estimated completion date is September 15, 2008.”




Encontro das Comunidades Macaenses 2004

A planning meeting preliminary to Encontro 2004 was held in Macau November 25 through 29, 2003.  Invited to attend were the Directors of all Casas de Macau.  The following was the program: 

Preliminary Meeting with the Directors of the Casas de Macau

integrated in the Encontro das Comunidades Macaenses

“Macau 2004”


November 25th 2003 (Tuesday)

 Arrival of the representatives of the Casas de Macau

 19H00 – Social party at the Hotel Sintra’s Restaurant

 November 26th 2003 (Wednesday)

10H00 – Start of the Preliminary Meeting in the premises of the APIM – Signing in the Book of Honor by the Presidents of the Casas de Macau, followed by the Meeting

11H30 – Coffee break

11H40 – Continuation of the Meeting

13H00 – Lunch in the premises of APOMAC

15H00 – Continuation of the Meeting

19H30 – Welcome dinner offered by the Secretary of Social Affairs and Culture

 Subjects for the discussion in the meetings:

  1. Reading of the record of proceeding of the Preliminary Meeting held in 2000.
  2. Program for the Encontro “Macau 2004”
  3. Organization of an Encontro in Macau for the “New Generation of the Macanese Communities”.
  4. Macanese Cuisine Contest, with preliminaries to be held in the respective Casas and the final in Macau, and the publication of a book covering Macanese Cuisine”

November 27th 2003 (Thursday)

10H00 – Workshop for the delegations of the Casas de Macau, in the Macau Cultural Centre, where a representative from the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and another from the Gabinete para a Organização do Forum will make presentations on the following subjects:


-        Perspectives that will be open with the projected link by bridge between Hong Kong, Macau and Zuhai;

-        Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA); and

-        Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.


13H00 – Lunch offered by the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau.

15H00 – Courtesy visit to the Government House to greet H.E. Dr. Edmund Ho, the Chief Executive of the R.A.E.M.

16H30 - Delegations of the Casas de Macau to pay homage at the Monument for the Macanese Communities, where a wreath of flowers will be laid.

19H00 – Reception at the residence of the Consul General of Portugal in Macau

 November 28th 2003 (Friday)

09H00 – Departure, at the Macau Jetfoil Terminal, to Hong Kong where the delegations will have a meeting in the Lusitano Club of Hong Kong

13H30 – Lunch followed by a visit to the premises of the Lusitano Club and return to Macau

20H00 – Dinner at the Restaurant

 November 29th 2003 (Saturday)

 17H00 – Fraternization gathering organized by the APIM in homage of Dr. Carlos D’Assumpção and Comendador Joaquim Morais Alves, at the premises of the Association, followed by a buffet


Disagreement on Use of Clubhouse Funding

I write as a past President of the Lusitano Club of California in the year 2000, following the reports published in the news bulletins of the various Casas. The topic of hot discussion at this point in time is the acquisition, or non-acquisition, of a cultural center.  What is troubling to most of the community are the resolutions agreed upon and published by the three Casas.

By way of background I would mention that I was involved in the negotiations from the beginning, i.e. when the Macau Cultural Center Committee was created and when the committee was made up of members from Lusitano, Casa de Macau and UMA. The committee had agreed to send a proposal to Macau for funds to acquire a property to serve as a cultural center for our community.

I was directly involved in the fund even getting here as, a few days prior, one of the Casas had written to Macau asking them not to release the funds. Lusitano and UMA worked together to rectify the problem. The second incident that I was involved in was when one of the Casas tried to obtain one-third of the funds from the financial institution where they were being housed.

I was given authority by my Casa’s board of directors to contact FCDM with the help of Dra. Gabriela Cesar. A statement was issued by FCDM from their minutes citing the conditions governing the spending of this money. It stated that the fund was to be used for the acquisition of one cultural center and for activities at the cultural center.

Recently, new resolutions supposedly agreed upon by the three Casas were published in a couple of the Casas’ bulletins. If we look closely at these resolutions, we will see that two of them direct the investigation of other possibilities for spending part of the fund so generously given to the Casas for the benefit of the entire Macaense community.

I totally disagree with these new resolutions as they violate the integrity of why our community asked for the funds in the first place. I question the motives of the three Casas.  I say that our benefactor in Macau mandated that the fund be used only for the acquisition of a cultural center. This fund cannot be used to subsidize the activities of the Casas outside of cultural center purposes.

The three Casas should manage this fund with utmost integrity; this should bind them to focus only on the acquisition of a cultural center and activities that surround the cultural center. I hope that I am wrong, but the focus seems to be directed at trying to spend some of the fund. The question I ask myself is why the Casas need to divert any of the money from the fund to other uses.

If the Casas were to manage their respective clubs properly, their membership dues and fund raising events should be more than adequate to finance the activities of their respective Casas. There should be no focus on how to spend some of the fund at all.  I hope that the three Casas start focusing on the big picture, which is the entire community, and the promotion of our unique Macaense culture.  We the community need to voice out loud our opinions and concerns on this matter.

Philip Ozorio

Past President, 2000

Lusitano Club of California