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A Farewell

To the many who enjoy visiting this website I address this farewell message.  It is to thank them for their moral support and to say goodbye for I am shutting down this website.

Before doing so, let me refresh their memory of my purpose for the website.   I and many of my Macanese contemporaries had long been concerned about the historical survival of the California Macanese diaspora.  In a nutshell, it was clear that the members of the older Macanese generation had been dwindling steadily in numbers over the past six decades, while the younger generation seemingly was not overly disturbed about the possibility of its roots, culture, tradition and unique identity being lost and forgotten forever.    We felt that something had to be done to save the diaspora from ending up in the dustbin of history.  That gave birth to this website.

The website endeavored in its objectives to motivate and stimulate its readers into action, by disseminating news of inspirational interest to the Macanese, by reporting on communal affairs for their edification, by recalling memories of their past, and so on.  Where it thought it might be of help, the website editorially offered constructive suggestions designed to troubleshoot organizational problems confronting the four Macanese social organizations and to assist in overcoming operational problems that seemed to bedevil the community.  Unfortunately these offerings, which were made in good faith and with the best of intentions, and which went unacknowledged, were seen as “gratuitous” criticism, despite an obvious need for them.

After five years of its existence, it has finally become clear to me that the website is neither appreciated nor effective as a communication tool.  Over that time, the website was inexplicably shunned by the management and membership of the four Macanese organizations in California.  Despite the website’s global usefulness, it received no encouragement from abroad either.  So with some sense of disappointment even though I have learned a lot from running the website, I have decided to cease publication.

But there is something I need to do before closing up shop.  I need to defend myself of the hurtful insults hurled my way, even though I should by now have been inured to such vitriol and name-calling that are historically said to be not uncommon among “our people.”  I have been accused locally of self-aggrandizement in operating my website.  In fact, I received exactly nothing from anyone for my time and labor.  Instead I paid Yahoo! a monthly website hosting fee out of my own pocket.  I have also been accused of trying to draw attention to myself.  The truth is I have received no recognition or thanks from any of the abovementioned parties for my services to the Macanese community.  The website articles are testimony to the unworthiness of these accusations.  I stand by everything the website has written.  I should note also that nothing in the website, if it was found odious, was ever rebutted.

So, as of October 22, 2008, the fifth anniversary of this website, or thereabouts, this website will shut down its operations.

Goodbye and good luck to all.

Horatio F. Ozorio, Editor

September 19, 2008







"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they

protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they

perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our

Lord and Savior. Amen."

In gratitude,

The Macanese Community of California



Greetings Fellow Macaenses,

 With the inexorable passage of time, the ranks of what Tom Brokaw, renowned NBC journalist, called The Greatest Generation are slowly and sadly being depleted through attrition.  This is no less true of the Macanese as of other communities of that era.

 Almost never a month goes by these days without some Filhos da Terra heading home to the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father – may God rest their souls. But that is not the only tragedy we lament. Sadly too, the Macanese younger generation is not exactly rushing to fill the shoes of the older members of the community, to pick up where they left off.  We are witnessing the spectacle of them being assimilated into the society of the host country.  They favor hamburgers over minchi.  On the other hand, it cannot be said that the older generation has handed them a brightly lit torch, or a baton with which they can run. But this disquisition is not meant to point fingers.  Simply, it is to deplore the thought that the Macanese diaspora could in the not distant future be a mere historical footnote – gone and forgotten;  it is also to recognize that the survival of the Macanese community as such is imperiled at the rate we are going.

 We, the undersigned, believe that urgent action is called for to forestall that awful possibility.  It will be a task for the many.  We are a trio of romanticists who can make but a small contribution.   

And what is it that we are doing about it?  We have created and launched this website, devoted to the continuity of the Macanese diaspora, at least in California, and accessible to our brothers and sisters the world over.  It will be a website friendly to all who come a-knocking on its door.  The website’s welcome mat is out to all with any desire to contribute to the achievement of its goals.   

It is our intention that the website serve to keep members of the diaspora informed of goings-on in the Macanese world, to stimulate interest in its affairs, to be conducive to the exchange of ideas and information, and to be a vehicle by which the culture and tradition of the Macanese people can be passed along to the distracted members of our younger generation.  And it can be much more.

Our hope is that our attempt will amount to a clarion call to our Macanese associates, both here and abroad, to rally to the noble cause of keeping alive the memory of our forebears, to stay in touch with our roots, and at the same time help to preserve the glorious history of the Portuguese presence for over four hundred years in the Far East .  We will be keeping faith with the Macau government in the pursuit of the latter, and well we should for we have much to be grateful to it, particularly during the past six decades.

 No one has commissioned us to make this undertaking.  As members of the Macanese community in California, we are concerned about its survival as such, and we act out of a sense of amor pela patria. 


Horácio F. Ozório      Nuno Prata da Cruz     Eduardo R. Collaço

Webmaster/Editor             Co-Sponsor                           Co-Sponsor



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The intent of this website being to apprise, enlighten and entertain all who pass by here, articles seemingly outdated, but which may have residual interest, are retained undeleted for the benefit of later arrivals to this scene.  Our purpose, in other words, is to endeavor to tell viewers what was, what is, and what will be in the world of the Macaense.


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This and That

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